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Molisch, Hans


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 1: Cyclopaedia of collectors)


Born: 1856, Brünn in Mähren, Austria. Died: 1937, Vienna, Austria.



Biologist, educated in the University of Vienna (Ph. Dr 1879); after his graduation, Assistant of Wiesner and subsequently Lecturer; from 1889-94 Professor at Graz Technical College, then Professor at Prague and since 1909 at Vienna; from 1922-25 Visiting Professor at the Imperial University of Sendai, Japan; after his retirement he stayed at Vienna.1

At the end of the 19th century he made a voyage round the world (see below); in 1928-29 he revisited Calcutta at the request of Ch. Bose.


Collecting localities:1

Sailing (Sept. 1897) via Bombay, Colombo, Kandy, and Singapore (Nov. l0), to W. Java (staying Nov. 14, 1897-end of Jan. 1898):2 working in the Foreigners’ Laboratory at Buitenzorg,3 making a trip to Djokja (Centr. Java) and to Tjibodas and G. Gedeh (departing thither on Jan. 7, climbing the summit on the 18th); via Japan and the U.S.A. returning to Europe (1898).



In his ‘Erinnerungen etc.’1 the following statement is found, concluding the narrative of the ascent of Mt Gedeh: ‘Nun ging es an das Auspacken der gesammelten Schätze, an das Trocknen and Konservieren der mitgebrachten Pflanzen.’ In the same book (l.c. p. 67) he mentions the collecting of Algae.

There is no certainty about the location of his collections; as he was at that time professor at Prague University, they might be in the herbarium there.



(1) Author of many papers on general biology and physiology and of: ‘Biologische Forschungen in Indien’ (Vortr. Ver. Verbr. Naturw. Kenntnis Wien 70, 1930, p. 89-102); ‘Als Naturforscher in Indien’ (Jena 1930); ‘Erinnerungen and Welteindrücke eines Naturforschers’ (Wien/Leipzig 1934; for Java cf. p. 54-76); cf. also sub 2.

(2) H. Molisch: ‘Botanische Beobachtungen auf Java’ (Sitz. Ber. Kais. Akad. Wiss. Wien Math. Naturw. Cl. 107, 1898, p. 747-776, 977-994, 1247-1271 and l.c. 108, p. 479-490); ‘Eine Wanderung durch den javanischen Urwald’ (Popul. biol. Vorträge, 2nd edit. 1922, p. 14-28).

(3) cf. Dammerman in Ann. Jard. But. Buit. 45, 1935, p. 22.


biographical data:

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