Collecting localities




Montano, Dr J.


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 1: Cyclopaedia of collectors)



Made an anthropological voyage to the Malay Peninsula, Borneo and the Philippines, partly with Dr Paul Rey, in the years 1879-81.1


Collecting localities:1

Voyage 1879-81. Sailing from Toulon (May 1879); Singapo(u)re (June 19 arrival); trip into the interior of the Malay Peninsula, at Kessang, 40 km NE of Malacca (June 29-July 10); sailing (July 16) for the Philippines, Luzon: Manila (arrival end of July), to Balanga on the other side of the Bay of Manila, Sierra de Mariveles; SE. Luzon: Albay Prov., Cagraray Isl., after 1½ months returning to Manila; sailing (Nov. 5) for Soulou (= Jolo) (stay from Nov. 15, 1879-Jan. 18, 1880), crossing the island to Malboun; Br. N. Borneo: Sandakan Bay (Jan. 22 or 25-Febr. 16), visiting Elok Poora (or Pura) and the Sagaliud River; Soulou (= Jolo) (March 4-Apr. 5; Montano ill); Mindanao: Davao (Apr. 11-Nov. 3), crossing the island from S to N, returning to Davao along the coast; in Oct. climbing Mt Apo (fortnight’s trip); Nov. 4 to Butuan and Surigao; exploring the interior of the island and the N. and E. coasts (till Febr. 22, 1881): mouth of the Rio Tagum (Nov. 6, 1880), Bincungan, Rio Tagum (7); Babao, Rio Sahug (8); Kalibuhasan, Rio Sahug (10); Rio Sahug (11-20), visiting Nagta, Daug, and Tilacan; source Rio Sahug, Husig (21); Mt Hoagusan (22), Rio Agusan (23-26); Bunauan (27-30); Mt Bunauan (Dec. 1); Bunauan (1-4); Butuan (5-15); Bay of Butuan (16-23); Tubay (24); beach of Baguian (25), Mt Baguian (25), Jabonga (25), Lake Maïnit (26), Mainit (27), Tubay (30-31); Davao (Febr. 22-March 24, 1881); back to France.



Herb. Paris [P], at least Philippine plants (a no 203 cited in literature!). He collected wood samples for the Museum.



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cf. also Review by J.E. Tenison-Woods in Journ. Str. Br. Roy. As. Soc. no 15, 1885, p. 139-145.