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Moore Jr., Harold Emmery


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 8: Cyclopaedia of collectors, Supplement II)


Born: 1917, Winthrop, Mass., U.S.A. Died: 17 Oct. 1980, U.S.A.



Was educated in Massachusets (B.S. 1939), Harvard (M.A. 1940; Ph.D. biol. 1942). From 1947-48 Technical Assistant Asa Gray Herbarium (Harvard), 1948-51 Assistant Professor of Botany Bailey Hortorium.

Cornell, subsequently Associate Professor (1951-60) and Professor and Director of the Bailey Hortorium, N.Y. He collected palms on a world tour in 1963-64.


Collecting localities:1

1963. Malaya (early Dec. 29th): Singapore and Bukit Timah F. R., Johore and Mersing F. R., a Forest Reserve on the road to Kluang (17 miles from Jemaluang), Kuala Lumpur, G. Takun; departure for Borneo (30), Sarawak, tour on Mt Matang (31).-1964. Vicinity of Kuching, several times to Mt Matang, 4-day trip to Baku National Park (Jan. 2-6), limestone hills near Ban (Jan. 8), Bintulu (9-10), Nyabau (11); overnight stop at Brunei and proceeding to Sabah (N. Borneo) (Jan. 14-26, with Dr W. Meijer): Kebon China, Mt Walker, Sepilok F. R. (15), Uchung Tanjong trail (l6), Sandakan, Jesselton (19), Kimanis F. R., Beaufort Hill (20), Tenom, stop at Rayoh, slopes above Sg. Masanoi, slopes of Bt Tenom (in Crocker Ridge Reserve), N. end of Sabah (25), Kota Belud, Maruda Bay, Jesselton.-Terr. of New Guinea: Lae (arriving Mar. 1), road to Bulolo and Wau, road to Goroka, Bupu Village (2500 ft) (3-4), vicinity of Lae, Bulolo (10), Bulolo-Watut Divide (11), Wau (12-13), by plane to Wagau (14), Lae proceeding to the Solomon Is. and New Caledonia, Fiji, etc.



In Herb. Bailey Hort. [BH]: 75 nos Sarawak, 72 from Sabah.2 Duplicates will be distributed.



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(2) H.E. Moore Jr & W. Meijer: ‘A new species of Arenga from Borneo’ (Principes 9, 1965, p. 100-103, fig. 86-88).


biographical data:

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