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Morgan, Jacques Jean Marie de


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 1: Cyclopaedia of collectors)


Born: 1857, Huisseau-sur-Cosson (Loin-et-Cher), France. Died: 1924, Marseille, France.



Mining engineer, especially attracted by geology and palaeontology; visited the gold-mines of Transylvania, and prospected for diamonds in the Indies; in 1884 study of the tin-mines in the Malay Peninsula;1 subsequently employed in the Caucasus (1887-88), Persia (1889 onwards), Egypt (1892 onwards); for a scientific exploration in Persia again from 1897-1912; finally returned to France, studying his palaeontological collections.

Zeiller named some species of ferns in his honour.


Collecting localities:1

1884. Malay Peninsula. In total exploring for about 8 months, of which most of the time in Perak, viz from about February onwards. He besides explored in P. Penang, Prov. of Wellesley, and the Khaman Distr. in Patani. From the Perak trip, during which botanical collections were made, the following dates are known: setting out from Klian Lalang (July 16); Penkalan Pégou on the S. Raya (17), Kapayan (18), G. Lano in Oulou Kinta and back to Kapayan (19); ascending the river by proa as far as navigable (20), Klian Djouan (21), making base camp; exploring S. Raya, Lou and Sindjou (22-23), to Tchangkat Kabong, and back to Klian Djouan; trip to G. Tchabang (24-27), following S. Djouan, S. Kandis, climbing G. Kandis (staying on the surrunit, 25-26), descending S. Raya (27), back at Klian Djouan (30); to lpoh (3 l); visit to the caves of G. Tchöra (Aug. 1); along the left bank of Kinta River to Kapayan, Tandjou Rinkong, Klian Kindin (2); following S. Kandis (3); Löbou Kéla (4); Tchangkat Kouala Riam (5), G. Riam (6); to summit G. Kerbou and back (7-8); Tchangkat Kerbou (9-12), collecting on G. Sönoï, and proceeding to Tchangkat Göcham (12); G. Tchano, and Tchangkat Tchano (13); Tchangkat Tchabang or Simpah (14-18), collecting in the environs (hot spring etc.); S. Kerbou, S. Plus(s), C. (= kampong) Lassa (19), staying some days, exploring the environs, G. Tchéhèl (24); S. Tchiah, S. Gniong, S. Piah, S. Tomiöl, S. Trap, S. Piah (27); descending S. Piah (28) and proceeding on foot to Léyôn or Lano; following S. Klo, S. Manghö to Kouala Dalla (30); Kouala Könderong (Sept. 1), kp. Padang (2), kp. Körney (3-4), and return to Telok Kouning (4).



54 Ferns2 (coll. July-Aug. 1884) and also an amount of phanerogams. The latter were given for study to Mr Franchet; possibly a publication resulted. The ferns were probably presented to Kew [K] in 1885, by R. Zeiller (see there), the elaborator of the collections. Ferns of his from Persia in Herb. Bonaparte (= Paris [P]).

He made zoological collections too.



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(2) R. Zeiller: ‘Fougères receuillies dans la péninsule malaise par M. de Morgan’ (Bull. Soc. Bot. Fr. 32, 1885, 12 pp.).


biographical data:

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