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Musschenbroek, Samuel Cornelis Jan Willem van


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 1: Cyclopaedia of collectors)


Born: 1827, The Hague, Holland. Died: 1883, Leiden, Holland.



Doctor of Law, educated at Leiden University; in 1855 he came out to the D.E.I. as official in the Civil Service; for a long time stationed in Kedoe (Centr. Java), from 1867-73 Assistant Resident at Buitenzorg (W. Java), subsequently Resident of Ternate (Moluccas), and from 1875-76 at Manado (N. Celebes). He had a keen interest in natural sciences.1

He is commemorated in Ptychosperma musschenbroekiana Becc. as a token of gratitude for the assistance given to Beccari, when travelling in the Moluccas.



From Ternate he sent plants to Hort. Bog. (acq. 1876).

He collected in all fields of natural history, but specially ornithologically.



(1) Author of ‘Oost-Indische houtsoorten’ (Volksvlijt 1867, p. 269-289; botanical and vernacular names); ‘Iets over de fauna van Noord-Celebes en zijn naaste omgeving’ (Nat. Tijdschr. N.I. 36, 1876, p. 376-384).


biographical data:

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