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Netscher, E.


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 1: Cyclopaedia of collectors)



Probably Elisa Netscher (1825, Rotterdam, Holland; 1880, Batavia, Java) who came to the D.E.I. with his parents, when still a child; when 10 years old he returned to Holland for his education, to go back to the Indies again in 1842. Since 1848 working in the division Police Affairs of the General Secretariate at Buitenzorg; on account of his merit as a linguist, he had to accompany various higher officials on tours to Riouw (1849, 1856 and 1857),1 Celebes (1858 or 1859), etc. In 1861 he was appointed Resident of Riouw, in 1870 Governor of Sumatra West Coast2 and in 1878 Member of the Council of India (‘Raad van Indië’).


Collecting localities:

1861. Riouw-Lingga Archipelago.3 Sailing from the roads of Riouw (Sept. 23) to Sg. Doewara on Lingga; by land to Dai (26); Bt Tjengké (28); kp. Merawang (29); to Sg. Boeloe on the N. coast of Singkep (Oct. 1), bay of Sekana; E. coast of Centr. Sumatra: Reteh between Djambi and Indragiri, and the Sg. Retch.



A certain E. Netscher sent dried material from Kediri, E. Java, to the ‘Natuurkundige Vereeniging’ at Batavia in 1859.

Netscher, without initials, sent plants from Padang, Sumatra West Coast, to Buitenzorg (Herb. or Hort. ? [BO]) in 1872-73. Living plants from Riouw-Lingga were presented to Hort. Bog. in 1867. Probably the whole is of little importance.



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biographical data:

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