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Nicolson, Dan H.


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 8: Cyclopaedia of collectors, Supplement II)


Born: 1933, Kansas City, Mo., U.S.A.



Botanist, educated at Grinnell College (Iowa; A.B. 1955), Stanford University (M.B.A. 1957), and Cornell University (N.Y.; M.Sc. 1959); Teaching Assistant at Cornell, 1959-1960. His main interest is Araceae on which he planned to write his thesis. For the study of this family he made a trip to Malesia in 1960-61 and subsequently visited several European herbaria. Ph.D. 1964 Cornell University, and subsequently on the staff of the Smithsonian Institute.


Collecting localities:

Philippines, staying at the College of Agriculture, Laguna, Sept. 1960-Jan. 1961. Luzon: to summit Mt Makiling (Sept. 18, 1960); Mindanao (22-29): Davao, Maparat, Compostella, Mampising, Apocon School, base Mt Apo to 1200 m (25), Agusan, Esperanza, Sibagat, Sianib (29); Camiguin 1. (Oct. 2); Mindanao (2-5): Misamis Or., Binoni to Mambajao, Bukidnon, Musuan, Lake Apo; Luzon: Coll. Agric. (8), Molawin Creek (20), Sorsogon and Bulusan National Park (24-27), Mt Mayon to 700 m (28); Catanduanes, center of island (29); Luzon: Laguna, Coll. of Forestry (26), Quezon National Park (27); Samar: Bagacay Barrio (Dec. 1); Leyte: Putok River (3); Negros Oriental: Mt Canlaon to 1000 m (6); Luzon: Laguna, Coll. of Agr. (14-17), to summit Mt Makiling (18); Coll. of Forestry (Jan. 8, 1961). Java: stay at Kebun Raya Indonesia, Bogor (Jan.-May 1961): TjiseŽng (Jan. 28), Hort. Bog. (Feb. 2), Djasinga (7), Tjampea (16), G. Gedeh (between 1700 and 2700 m, 17-18), Hort. Bog. (24-26), Tjibodas (Garden and along way to Tjib(e)ur(e)um, 1400-1600 m) (Mar. 2-3), Hort. Bog. (Mar. 14-Apr. 1), Palabuhan Ratu (2), Hort. Bog. (3-23), Palabuhan Ratu (24), Hort. Bog. (25-May 10); Singapore I.: Hort. Sing. (to June 14); Malaya: Klang Gates Reservoir, Selangor (17); Bot. Gard. Penang (19-21); Perak: Taiping and vicinity (22-25); Singapore I.: Hill, Bt Timah, etc. (July 4-15); Selangor: Klang Gates (16), Gunting Simpang F.R. (17), Batu Cave Ravine and Telok F.R., Klang (18), to Fraserís Hill (19); Cameron Highlands in Pahang (20-23), summit G. Brinchang (21), G. Beremban (22), G. Jasar (23); Johore (28); Singapore: Bot. Gard. (Aug. 1-2). NW. Borneo, Sarawak: Semengkok F.R. (3), Matang F.R. (5), Ban (5, coll. Edward Taylor, 1 no; 6), Bako National Park (7-8), Setapok F. R. (9); Singapore I.: Bt Timah etc. (13). By way of Australia (coll. a few numbers) to Terr. of New Guinea: Morobe Distr., N of Lae (Sept. 21); Western Highland Distr. (26, partly coll. with Millar), Lae Bot. Gard. (30-Oct. 1, 10-11), Lake Wanum (W of Lae, Oct. 1, in NGF series), Bumbu River (8); Papua: Centr. Distr., Brown River F.R. (12), Sogeri Plateau (13), headwaters Kemp Welch R. (14), Sogeri Rubber Estate; Terr. of New Guinea: Malambe track up Bussu R. (17), Lae Bot. Gard. and Patep Creek (20), Edie Creek Road and near Wau (21), Bulolo (23, 25), Oomsia Creek (25), Bot. Gard. Lae (26), Markham R. (26); New Britain: Rabaul and Kerevat (28-29); Bougainville (30-Nov. 2): Arawa Plantation (30-31, Nov. 1), Kupei (Nov. 1); Terr. of New Guinea: Morobe Distr. (5); New Britain (9), road to airport (9-10); Terr. of New Guinea: Morobe Distr., Lae Bot. Gard. (12), Madang (17), Wewak (17); Dutch New Guinea: Lake Sentani (17), Biak I. (17), Manokwari and Faninda (18), Manggoapi (19), Tafelberg F.R. (20), Agric. Station (21), Maripi (21), Maroemi (22), Biak (24).



Dupl. from Malesia in Herb. Leiden [L].


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Malaysia, 1961

Sept. 1965

Duogamarra Nat. Park (Sydney)

23 Aug. 1981