Collecting localities




Noona Dan Expedition


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 8: Cyclopaedia of collectors, Supplement II)


From the University of Copenhagen, 1961-62.1 In total 19 persons of different disciplines participated.


Collecting localities:1 

Noona Dan Expedition, 1961-62. 1961. The ‘Noona Dan’ arriving in Mindanao on Aug. 1; Palawan: lowland near Brooke’s Point (2 months), collecting from Uring-Uring (Aug. 13-26), Penigisan (Sept. 1-2), Tagimbung (5-13), Penigisan (15-21), Makagwa (21-25), Uring-Uring (29-Oct. 1); Ursula I. (Oct. 2); Balabac I. (4-12); Tawi-Tawi: Tarawakan (19-27); Luzon: Mt St. Thomas (Nov. 5); Tawi-Tawi: Tarawakan (13-17), Lapid-Lapid (17), Batu-Batu (18), Lapid-Lapid (20-22), Batu-Batu (26); Bongao I. (26); Papahag I. (26); St. Cruz I., Zamboanga, Mindanao (Dec. 11); Sapamoro, NE. of Zamboanga (16-20).-1962. Bismarck Archipelago: New Ireland, Kavieng (Jan. 12), the nearby Nago I. (13), Mussau (16-Feb. 18); Manus (20), Dyaul (Mar. 2-10), New Hanover (Mar.); New Ireland: Kalili (Apr. 8-9), Lelet (Apr.); New Britain: Yalom (May 22-23); Manus (June 22-25); Hermit Is.: Luf I. (27); New Britain: Cape Hoskins (July 5-10); Credner I. (17); New Britain: Matupi (20), Vulcan Point (23), Rabaul (24); Solomon Is. (Aug. 18-30).



Herb. Copenhagen [C]: c. 3300 nos; during the last part of the expedition attention was specially focussed on the collecting of Fungi.

For collectors see under S.-E. Sandermann Olsen, M.E. Køie, H. Dissing, S.E. Christiansen, and T.L. Wolff.

Unfortunately hardly any duplicate material was collected; the labelling was rather unsatisfactory for a period after S.-E. Sandermann Olsen left the expedition.



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