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Palmer, William


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 1: Cyclopaedia of collectors)


Born: 1856, Penge, London, England. Died: 1921, New York City, U.S.A..



Son of a taxidermist who left England for the U.S.A. in 1868 and moved to Washington in 1873, where the elder Palmer obtained a position at the National Museum. More or less against his liking the son was obliged to enter the service of the Museum as an assistant in modelling and taxidermy, and later became Chief Taxidermist at that Museum. From 1883 onwards he visited several regions on behalf of the Museum. In 1909 he went with the Owen Bryant (see there) Expedition to Java, and for more than a year and a half made large collections (mainly birds) in the western part of that island.


Collecting localities:1

Owen Bryant Expedition, 1909-10. Travelling via Japan and Hongkong to W. Java, where botanical collections were made in the following localities: E. slope Mt Salak (March 8, 1909), Buitenzorg (10-20), Tjipanas (Apr. 10), Tjibodas on Mt Gede (10), Tjiboeroem (= Tjibeureum) (12), Tjibodas (15), Tjibeureum (23), Tjibodas (24), Tjibeureum (24), Tjipanas (25), Poentjak Pass (25), Buitenzorg (28), Mt Salak afid G. Boender (May 5-31), Depok (July 24), Tjibodas (Aug. 9-21), Ka(n)dang Badak and upper slopes of Mt Gede (21-23), Mt Gede (23), Ka(n)dang Badak (24), Mt Pangranggo (24, 26), Kandang Badak (27), summit Mt Gede (28), Kandang Badak (28), Mt Pangranggo (29), Kandang Badak (29-30); Tjibeureum (30), Tjibodas (Sept. 4), Mt Gede (8), Kandang Badak (8), Tjibodas (11), Tjipanas (18), Tjibodas (20), Tjibeureum (27), Kandang Badak (27), summit Mt Gede (27), Tjibodas (27), Tjibadak (Oct. 3), Bantar Gebang (4-5), Pelaboean Ratoe (S. coast) (8-15), Tjibireno (Nov. 1), Sawarna (3-8), Bijouh (9), Tjihana (or ? Tjihara) (11), Kaledjitan (20), Soemoer (27), Pruput (Nov. 30-Dec. 4), Tjiperwageran (Dec. 9), Soekaboemi (Jan. 15, 1910), Sindanglaja (25), Poentjak Pass (28), Batoetoelis near Buitenzorg (March 8), Buitenzorg (Apr. 30), returning by way of Singapore (May 15) and England.



In Herb. U.S. Nat. Herb. Wash. [US]: Java plants numbered 46-1363, while 603 duplicates were collected. The specimens collected consisted mostly of Pteridophyta,2 while a certain number of cellular cryptogams were included. The duplicates have been distributed to several other institutions, incl. to Herb. Leiden [L] (225 Pterid.).



(1) cf. Ann. Rep. Smiths. Inst. Wash. for 1909/10, p. 43.

For other data concerning the itinerary, collections and biography, we are indebted to the U.S. Nat. Museum.

(2) E.B. Copeland: ‘Notes on some Javan ferns’ (Philip. Journ. Sci. C. Bot. 8, 1913, p. 139-145, pl. 2-4).


biographical data:

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