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Pulle, August Adriaan


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 1: Cyclopaedia of collectors)

(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 5: Cyclopaedia of collectors, Supplement I)


Born: 1878, Arnhem, Gld, Holland. Died: 1955, Utrecht, Holland.



Botanist educated at Utrecht University, taking his Ph.Dr’s degree in 1906; teacher in Natural History at Utrecht; member of the Saramacca Expedition (1902-03) in Surinam; in 1906 he was enabled to make a trip to Java by a grant from the Buitenzorg Fund;1 from 1906-14 University Lecturer in systematic and pharmaceutical botany at Utrecht and besides, from 1906-12, teacher at a secondary school at Amersfoort; a year after his return from the New Guinea expedition (see below), in 1914, he was appointed Professor of Taxonomy and Plant Geography, at the same time Director of the Botanical Museum and Herbarium, in the University of Utrecht; since 1920 besides Director of Cantons Park at Baarn. In 1920 he made another voyage to Surinam.

He is the editor of the Flora of Surinam, issued by the Colonial Institute at Amsterdam. Author of several papers on plant geography and taxonomy.

The genus Pullea Schltr. and other species of plants were named in his honour.


Collecting localities:

1906. Java (March-July). Staying at Buitenzorg and making several trips, collecting in W. Java: Tandjong Priok (Apr. 3); with Backer and Ernst excursion to P. Edam in the Bay of Batavia (Apr. 24), Vlakke Hoek (SW. point of S. Sumatra) (25), Java’s Eerste Punt (25), Krakatau and Verlaten Isl. (26);2 Tjibodas and G. Gedeh; G. Wajang and Windoe (June 19); G. Taloen (June); and in E. Java: G. Wilis (May 26).-A. Franssen Herderschee Expedition to SW. New Guinea, 1912-13.3 Sailing from Soerabaja (Aug. 21, 1912); touching at Koepang (Timor) (27) and Dobo (Aroe Isls) (Sept. 3); mouth of the Lorentz River (Sept. 7); Kloof bivouac (2 km N of Alkmaar) (Pulle staying from Oct. 5-Nov. 7); bivouac on Beaufort River (= ? van der Sande River) (till Nov. 21); Perameles bivouac (22); Mt Dromedaris (Dec. 6-10); Bijenkorf (= Beehive) bivouac (11), ascending Went Mountain (Erica summit); setting out (29) to the ridge of the Hellwig Mts, staying till Jan. 12, 1913; Bijenkorf bivouac (12-20); Treub bivouac; march to Mt Wichmann (26-31), staying till Febr. 12; back to the Treub Mts, Oro Valley, Lorentz River, Treub bivouac; Kloof bivouac; leaving Lorentz River on Apr. 19. Pulle was not allowed to accompany the party to Wilhelmina summit; for that part of the expedition see sub G.M. Versteeg.



Herb. Utrecht [U]: collection 1906, from Java etc., and dupl. New Guinea (1912); Herb. Bog. [BO] and Leiden [L]: principal sets of New Guinea plants, 1237 nos.

Several of his plants from Java are mentioned by Koorders in the ‘Exkursionsflora von Java’; the botanical results of the New Guinea expedition were partly published.4

Living plants from G. Wilis (E. Java) and New Guinea presented to Hort. Bog.



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biographical data:

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