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Pullen, Royal


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 5: Cyclopaedia of collectors, Supplement I)

(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 8: Cyclopaedia of collectors, Supplement II)


Born1925, Sydney, N.S.W., Australia.



Joined C.S.I.R.O. Division of Land Research and Regional Survey, Canberra, in March 1956, as botanical collector.


Collecting localities:













Collected with R.D. Hoogland (see there) in the Central Highlands of Territory of New Guinea, 1956. Continued collecting in Austr. New Guinea. 1957. Central Highland.-1958. Lower Ramu River.-1959. Lower Sepik River and Prince Albert Range.-1961. Papua, Southern Highlands: Mendi, lower slopes of Mt Giluwe, Ialibu (June 26-July 8); Ialibu Basin (-July 17); Ialibu, Kagua (-July 25); Kagua, Erave River valley, Mubi Valley, Lake Kutubu (-Aug. 12); Lake Kutubu, Benaria, Tari (-23); Tari, Koroba (-26); Koroba, Korenda, Kwongebi, Tari (-Sept. 3); Margarima, E. slopes of Doma Peaks, Nipa (-9); Nipa, Lai (Kawuku) valley, Mendi (-16); Mendi Basin, ascent of Mt Giluwe to 12,500 ft from W. side (20-23).-1962. Papua: Port Moresby-Kairuku area (July 1-Oct. 6), including Laloki, Goldie and Brown Rivers, to Kapa-Kapa and Rigo, S. foothills of Astrolabe Range, to Redscar Bay, Vanapa R., Sogeri Plateau and N. side Astrolabe Range, vicinity of Galley Reach, Kanozia, to Aroa R., to Hall Sound, Angabunga R. and Mekeo area, Biaru R., W. to Palipala Hills, Yule L, Hall Sound, lower reaches of Brown and Vanapa Rivers, mouth of Gallay Reach.-1963. Terr. of New Guinea: Western Highlands Distr., leader of the C.S.I.R.O.- Rijksherbarium Expedition to the Kubor Range (June 25-Sept. 11): northern (Wahgi valley) side of the range to S of Minj, camps 1-111 (resp. at c. 10,600, 11,700, and 13,300 ft), with a climb to MIS Kinkain.-1964. Papua: Northern Distr. (July 24-Sept. 14), S. side Hydrographers Range near Siurane, near Numba, Pongani River valley and Falls, western flanks of Sibium Range S of Toma, Barihi R. valley, upper southern slopes and summit ridge of Hydrographers Range to c. 6000 ft. Terr. of New Guinea: Eastern Madang Distr., Finisterre Range with the Brit. Mus.-Newcastle upon Tyne Expedition (Oct. 6-Nov. 24; itinerary see sub C.D. Sayers).2-1965. Not in New Guinea.-1967. Papua: Port Moresby area (Apr.-May), savannah area along Morehead R., W. Distr. (end of July-?).-Mid-1969. Owen Stanley Range, including Mt Wadimana in the Simpson Massif.-1972. Expedition to Mt Suckling in Papua, collecting June-July at low altitude with G. Leach (see also P.F. Stevens and J.F. Veldkamp).



For the distribution of CSIRO plants see under Hoogland. The collection 1959 amounted to 590 nos; in 1961 (June-Sept.) collection series 2637-2890; in 1962 nos 3084-3388; in 1963 nos 5000-5421; in 1964 nos 5422-5950, 5951-6192; in 1967 > 400 nos; dupl. 1964 in Herb. Edinb. [E] About 300 nos (8242-8515) were collected by Pullen on Mt Suckling in 1972. Ecological samples (extra material) were allotted numbers in the series 3810-3823, 6193-6423.



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