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Quisumbing, Eduardo


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 1: Cyclopaedia of collectors)

(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 5: Cyclopaedia of collectors, Supplement I)

(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 8: Cyclopaedia of collectors, Supplement II)


Born: 1895, Santa Cruz, Laguna, Luzon, P.I.



Was educated at the College ofAgriculture, Univ. of the Philippines, and at Chicago University, graduating at the latter institution. From 1920-26 attached to the College of Agriculture (U.P.), and from 1926-28 to the University of California; in 1928 appointed Systematic Botanist and since February 1934 Acting Chief of the Natural Museum Division of the Bureau of Science, Manila, now Director f the National Museum. When assigned to the U.S. Navy in Guiuau, at the southern tip of Samar, made collections in that region. He retired as Director in November 1961, and was for some following years attached to the Araneta University.

Author of taxonomic and morphological papers, many of which dealing with orchids. Author of ‘Medicinal plants in the Philippines’ (Manila 1951).

Saccolabium quisumbingii L.O. Williams has been named in his honour.


Collecting localities:

Philippines, Luzon. 1929. Short trips to Mt Labo, Camarines Sur, Baguio, Mt Santo Tomas, Mountain Prov.; Mt Macalod and Mt Malarayas in Batangas Prov.; Mt Maquiling in Laguna Prov.-1931. Mountain Prov. (in summer).-1932. Mountain Prov.-1934. At Manila and neighbourhood with E. Gutierrez (see there).-1946. Samar (June-Aug.), and from there in Tubaban Isl., Calicoan Isl., Manikani Isl.-1946 onwards in Luzon.-1947-48. Manila and vicinity, Mt Maquiling; Samar: Guinan, Salcedo, Manikani Isl.; Luzon: Mt Castillo, Mt Kamatis, Baler, etc.; Baguio and Mt Sto Tomas.-1949. Mindanao (March): Mt Kabatuan, Sukailang, Luna, Surigao.-1960. Papua (Sept. 15).-1961. Batanes & Babuyanes Expedition (Mar. 25-Apr. 4; with H. Gutierrez and R. del Rosario):1 Batan I., Sabtang I., Itbayat I., Calayan I. (May 2-10); interior of SanVicente in Cagayan Prov. (May); Batan I. (June 3-8); Mt Iraya (on the summit and on the Pacific side) and Mt Makatarem.-1963. Borneo (Sarawak, Brunei, N. Borneo; first half of July):2 Baku National Park and Santubong; Oran Reserve; Semengoh F.R. (10) and Bau Limestone Hills; Tutong White Sands (11), Badas peat swamps (12).



Herb. Manila [PNH]; from as early as 1917, small collections, at least partly numbered in the B.S. (cf. Bureau of Science), and later in the P.N.H. (cf. Philip. National Herb.) series. Mostly orchids.



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(2) E. Quisumbing: ‘Orchid Hunting in Borneo’ (Araneta J. Agr. 11, 1964, p. 76-78).


biographical data:

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