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Robinson, Herbert Christopher


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 1: Cyclopaedia of collectors)


Born: 1874, Liverpool, England. Died: 1929, Oxford, England.



Zoologist who in 1896 made a journey to Queensland, and carried out an anthropological and zoological expedition to the Malay Peninsula with Dr N. Annandale (see there)1 in 1901-02. In 1903 he was appointed Curator of the Selangor Museum, in 1906 in addition Inspector of Fisheries; since 1908 Director of the Fed. Mal. States Museum, retiring in February 1926.

On part of his zoological tours he collected plants too, sometimes assisted by native collectors.

Author of many zoological papers (cf. sub Biogr. data).

Several species of plants were named after him.


Collecting localities:2

Malay Peninsula: P. Jarak (Dec. 20, 1904; no bot. coll. ? ); G. Tahan (May-Sept. 1905), partly with L. Wray (see there):3 leaving Kuala Lumpur (May l1), meeting Wray at Kuala Kubu (11); after the departure of Wray exploring the Tahan Valley (June 29-July 14); summit of G. Tahan (July 16 and 18); sources of the Teku River (19); Kuala Teku (July 25-Aug. 6); Kuala Tenok (Aug. 7); Kuala Tahan, Tembeling (8); up the Jelai River (9); Kuala Lipis (10, few days’ stay); Kuala Temeling (fortnight’s stay); Kuala Lumpur (Sept. 6); Aroa Islands (Aug. and Nov. 1906; no bot. coll. ? );4 in 1908 zoological tour to the Rhio (= Riouw)-Lingga Archipelago with C.B. Kloss and E. Seimund (prob. no bot. coll.); with Ridley (see there) and C.B. Kloss to Telom and Batang Padang Valleys (Nov. 1908);5 expedition to Temengoh in Upper Perak with Kloss and Ridley (see there) (July 1909);6 P. Adang group of islands off Langkawi with Ridley (see there) (Febr. 1911);7 by Dyak collectors on trip to the head of the Langat Valley to G. Menuang Gasing or Bt Nyor or Nuang (end of May-June 1911);8 G. Tahan with Kloss and Ridley (see there) (July-Aug. 1911);9 by Dyak collectors at G. Mengkuang Lebar (Jan.-Febr. 1913);10 Dyak collectors stationed upon G. Kerbau (end of Febr.-March 1913);12 Dyak collectors on G. Tampin (Sept. 1913; no bot. coll. ? ).11-Expedition in W. Sumatra, Korinchi (= Kerintji) Peak (Febr.-June 1914) with C.B. Kloss (for detailed data see there).13-Malay Peninsula: P. Sanggul, S of P. Tinggi (June 16-19, 1915); expedition to Kedah Peak with Kloss (Nov.-Dec. 1915);14 visit to Java (Febr.-March 1916) and zool. coll. at Tjibodas and Mt Idjen; Langkawi Islands, mainly on P. Dayang Bunting (Nov. and Dec. 1916, Jan. 1917) with E. Seimund (see there); P. Jarak (Nov. 1919; no bot. coll. ? );15 Cameron’s Plateau with Henderson (June 1923); by Chinese collector near the summit of G. Benom (July-Aug. 1925).16



Chiefly in Herb. Kew [K] (pres. 1913-16; and dupl. from the Brit. Mus. pres. 1925); Herb. Brit. Mus. [BM]: 1st set of collection G. Tahan 1905, 233 phanerogams (purch. 1906); 170 phanerogams and 10 ferns from Selangor, G. Mengkuang and G. Kerbau (pres. 1914); Herb. Sing. [SING]: 132 specimens collected on the mountains of Selangor (pres. by Ridley in 1914) and dupl. from G. Kerbau (pres. 1916); U.S. Nat. Herb. Wash. [US]: 95 Sumatra dupl. (with Kloss), and 23 Mal. Pen. The collection of Kloss & Robinson from Kedah Peak numbers about 200 species.

For papers based on his collections see sub the literature referred to above.



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biographical data:

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