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Rochussen, Jan Jacob


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 1: Cyclopaedia of collectors)


Born: 1797, Etten near Breda, N.Br., Holland. Died: 1871, The Hague, Holland.



At first working for the benefit of commerce, from 1840-43 Minister of Finance, from 1843-45 extra-ordinary ambassador at Brussels, from 1845-51 Governor General of the D.E.I. and in 1858 appointed Minister of the Colonies.

He was largely interested in the development of natural science in the D.E.I., and when staying there, caused to be made drawings of plants and flowers, mainly of orchids from the Botanic Garden at Buitenzorg, which he presented to the then Minister of the Colonies. Teysmann was instructed to try to increase the value of these plates by means of adding analyses and short diagnoses of each species. In the course of the year 1853, 18 analyses and 6 diagnoses of new species were sent to Holland; in 1854 orchid flowers in alcohol with notes and explanations on behalf of the collection of drawings of Rochussen were sent.1

Some plants were named in his honour.



No botanical collections of his are known.



(1) cf. Koloniaal Verslag for 1853 and 1854.


biographical data:

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