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Rutten, Louis Martin Robert


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 1: Cyclopaedia of collectors)


Born: 1884, Maastricht, L., Holland. Died: 1946, Utrecht, Holland.



Was educated at Utrecht and Munich, taking his Ph.Dr’s degree in 1909; from 1909-21 geologist in the employ of the ‘Ned. Mij tot het verrichten van mijnbouwkundige werken’; since 1922 Professor of Geology, Mineralogy, Palaeontology etc. in the University of Utrecht.

During his tours in the D.E.I. he was accompanied by his wife Mrs C.J. Rutten-Pekelharing, who assisted him with plant collecting.

Author of many geological publications.1 Several plants were named after him.


Collecting localities:

1910-14. E. & NE. Borneo. In the following localities: Balikpapan and environs (Apr. -Aug. 1910);2 Samarinda (the collection was received at Buitenzorg in 1911); Sg. Kajan (= Boelo(e)ngan) (1912);3 W of Sangkoelirang Bay and N of the Rapah River (March-May 1913);4 Boelongan (1914).-Rutten Expedition to the Moluccas, 1917-19.5 Ambon (Aug. 12-16, 1917); Ceram: Wahai (18); collecting was done from Aug. 20 (cf. sub Kornasi) near Wahai and environs; to the basins of the Koea and Toloearang rivers (Aug. 24-Sept. l); basin of the Wai Solok (Sept. 8-9); excursion to the Moeal and Isal rivers (17-24); environs of Wahai; on the way to E. Ceram: sailing by proa (Oct. 5) to Pasahari; afoot along the beach to Seliha; following the Wai Samal to Kabailoe; through the Wai Eha to Maneo (Oct.); via Meseleinan Pass to Laimoe (S. coast); crossing from Ilasa Oelalahan to Kobi; by proa to Bengoi; Matakabo River; via Ake Ternate and Wahakajam to Seti; Kohonoesi, along the Moesi (tributary Wai Samal) to the north coast and back to Wahai (Nov. 11); tour in Centr. Ceram (Nov. 19-Dec. 20): via Wae Koea, Roho and Kaniki to Manoesela; via the border-mountains to Hatoemete (S. coast); along the coast in western direction to Saunoeloe and occasionally penetrating into the interior; back to Laimoe, along the coast to Woloe, and to Manoesela by way of Oesahan Pass; via Ratoe Kabau to Kabohari and along the Saripoetih River back to the N. coast; Wahai (Dec. 20-Jan. 9, 1918); SE. Ceram: Atiahoe on the mouth of the Bobot (Jan. 10), in eastern and subsequently in northern direction along the coast, surveying many rivulets; back from Waroe along Masiwang and the basin of the Bobot; environs of Atiahoe; crossing to Wahakajam and Botti on the N. coast; returning by proa to Wahai (March 5); sailing for Ambon (24), staying some weeks, though the planned investigations did not come to much on account of illness; W. Ceram: Piroe (Apr. 28), making some trips through the northern part of Hoeamoal; by proa to Lokki (May l), afoot to Loehoe and proceeding to Wai Salah; surveying the coast as far as Lobang Haja; P. Tikoes; excursion along Wai Boeloe Tikoes, to G. Kobar; P. Boentah (or Boental) (9-11); P. Boano (11-16); P. Kel(l)ang (16- ? 23); by boat via Takaloepoe, Sole, and Seri Kambello to Ambon (staying May 24-June 8); Ceram: Wahai (June 11); to Besi on the Bay of Seleman (13-17), visiting G. Sapolewa (165 m alt.), Sapolewa Delta, Wai Salawai; Wahai; Centr. Ceram: passing Toloearang and Isal Mts to Kaniki and Manoesela; trips in the neighbourhood in the direction of Woloe (S. coast), G. Moerkele ketjil (2500 m alt.) (June 30-July l); from Manoesela via Hatoeolo(n) to Kaloa on the Isal, and back to Wahai via Moeal and Toloearang (July 11 at Wahai); Ambon (Kornasi going back to Buitenzorg); W. Ceram: Piroe (Aug.): 2-day trip N and NW of Piroe, via Moerikaoe to Loemoli and Lohia Tala (14-15); exploring the rivers of SW. Ceram (end of Aug.-first half of Sept.): along the Nala to the Selaoe, Wai Kwa and Wai Rioeapa, along the Wai Kasoe and the mountains of Honitetoe, along Wai Rioeapa back to the coast near Kairatoe, along the coast to Wai Samoe, inland to Melilia, proceeding in N. direction to the upper course of the Eti, then in S. direction to the coast (Kawal), and N W to Eti and Piroe; mapping the environs of Kaibobo (E. coast Piroe Bay) (Sept. 14-20); between Piroe and Cecilia Mts (Sept. 27-Oct. 26); Rutten staying in NW. Ceram (Nov. 5-16), while Hotz visited the islands Manipa and Kel(1)ang, W of Ceram; due to an attack of Spanish flu no trips were made till the beginning of the new year; basin of the Kawa and Eti rivers (Jan. 3-9, 1919); neighbourhood of Piroe (15-17); to Amahai (Elpapoetih Bay) (21); crossing the island from Sepa to Sawai, from Pasanea to Makariki and from Waraka to Lisabata, visiting G. Loemoete (Febr. 6) etc.; Piroe (Febr. 23-March 31); NE. Ceram: Boela and environs (Apr. 4-14); W. Ceram: W of Makina (May; from Oewin to the border-mountains; much material from 1000-1100 m alt.): starting from Piroe (May 3); Riring (5-7); Manoesa Manoewe; along the Upper Sapolewa and across the mountains to Walokone (9); ascent of the Hatoe Sosokoetai; proceeding to the N. coast; back by way of Oewin (22) to Piroe (26).



Herb. Utrecht [U]: Borneo, > 782 nos; Herb. Bog. [BO]: collection Samarinda, E. Borneo (pres. 1911), and from the Moluccas; Herb. Leiden [L]: dupl. E. Borneo and Moluccas. The total collections from the Moluccas amount (incl. that of Kornasi) to 2280 nos, principally from Ceram,6 the nos 1069-1184 from Ambon. The collections contain a large amount of ferns.

After the departure of Kornasi, Rutten was assisted by a young Alfurese chief.



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biographical data:

Wie is dat? 1935, p. 322; Backer, Verkl. Woordenb., 1936.