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Ruttner, Franz


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 1: Cyclopaedia of collectors)

(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 5: Cyclopaedia of collectors, Supplement I)

(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 8: Cyclopaedia of collectors, Supplement II)


Born: 1882, Kalk-Podol, Bohemia, Austria. Died: 1961, Lunz, Austria.



Hydrobiologist who took his Ph.Dr’s degree in the German University of Prague in 1906. In the same year he was appointed Assistant of the Biological Station at Lunz a.S. (Lower Austria); since 1908 leader of that institute. In 1925 in addition University Lecturer at Vienna, and since 1927 Extraordinary Professor. He visited the D.E.I. as a member of the ‘Deutsche Limnologische Sunda Expedition’ (with Thienemann and Feuerborn).

He was the discoverer of a new Sonerila which was named in his honour (cf. Backer, Verkl. Woordenb., 1936).


Collecting localities:

Deutsche Limnologische Sunda Expedition, 1928-29.1 Leaving Hamburg (July 18, 1928), via Kossier (Red Sea), Ceylon; Sumatra East Coast: Belawan-Deli (Sept. 4); W. Java: Batavia (Sept. 7); Buitenzorg and environs (Sept. 8-Oct. 4; visiting the lakes of Tjigombong, Sindanglaja and Telaga Warna); leaving (Oct. 5) for E. Java, visiting in Priangan Res. the lakes of Leles, Sindangsinar, Bagendit, Pendjalu, Trogong-Tjipanas, vicinity of Tasikmalaja; E. Java: Surabaja (fish ponds); Klakah (Oct. 8-Dec. 1, exploring Ranu Lamongan, R. Pakis, R. Bedali, and R. Klidungan; visiting Punten or Poenten above Malang, and mountain streams on G. Kawi); Sarangan (Dec. 2-23; Telaga Pasir, Telaga Ngebel, summit G. Lawu); Centr. Java: Solo, Djokja; W. Java: Buitenzorg (Dec. 27-Jan. 16, 1929); sailing (Jan. 17) from Merak in Bantam to S. Sumatra: by train and car to Benkulen Res., Ranau Lake (Jan. 19-Febr. 11); Kepahiang (12); from Benkulen to Sumatra West Coast: Padang (18) and proceeding to Singkarak Lake (Febr. 20-March 22, visiting Manindjau Lake and Danau di Atas); travelling (23-28) via Fort de Kock and Sibolga to Toba Lake (Batak Lands); Balige on Toba Lake (March 28-Apr. 26); returning (Apr. 27-May 4) via Sibolga, Fort de Kock, and Padang, to S. Sumatra: Benkulen Res., Tjurup (May 5-8); Muara Klingi on the Musi (9); by boat (I1-12) to Palembang; from Palembang (14) back to W. Java: Buitenzorg (15-26); Centr. Java: Diëng Plateau (June 1-6); via Djokja and Solo to Bali (staying June 11-23, visiting Baturiti, Danau Bratan, Den Pasar, Kintamani and Danau Batur); E. Java: Ngadisari on G. Tengger (24-26); Surabaja, Ruttner visiting Ranu Klidungan once more; W. Java: Buitenzorg (June 30-July 7, visiting Tjigombong, Sindanglaja); Tjibodas and G. Gedeh-Pangrango (July 8-16), Buitenzorg (17-31, visiting coral islands in the Bay of Batavia, and Kuripan); sailing from Batavia (Aug. 1), homeward bound.



Herb. Bog. [BO]: 375 nos; dupl. in Herb. Leiden [L], Herb. Lunz (Lower Austria). Principally water and marsh flora.2 From Sumatra: nos 1-273, 317-320, 379, 390-397; from Java: nos 274-302, 321-389; from Bali: nos 303-316.



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The scientific results of the expedition were published as supplementary volumes of the ‘Archiv für Hydrobiologie’, under the title ‘Tropische Binnengewässer’; till 1939, 8 volumes came out, including many papers by Ruttner. Itinerary in vol. l, 1930, p. 5-17.

Fr. Ruttner: ‘Die Wasservegetation einiger Seen Niederländisch-Indiens’ (in Karsten, Vegetationsbilder, Reihe 25, Heft 7, pl. 37-42, 1940).

In the itinerary the German ‘u’ stands for the Dutch ‘oe’.

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biographical data:

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