Collecting localities




Salverda, Zeno


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 1: Cyclopaedia of collectors)

(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 8: Cyclopaedia of collectors, Supplement II)


Born: 1903, Hengelo, O., Holland. Died: 1982, La Nucia, Allic., Spain.



Was educated at the College of Agriculture, Wageningen; came to Java in 1930 was appointed estate assistant on the Government coffee plantation Bagelen in E. Java; in 1932 in the employ of the Plantation Company Siloewak Sawangan at Weliri (Centr. Java). Since 1933 in the D.E. Indian Forest Service, stationed at Hoalmoal (W. Ceram); in 1936 sent to West New Guinea for a preliminary exploration (see itinerary below); from 1938 in the teak districts of Java; in 190 in Ceram and Celebes, in 1941 in Ambon, where he was replaced in 1946 after the Japanese capitulation. Later he went to Surinam; in 1958 appointed Inspector Staatsbosbeheer, Utrecht. 


Collecting localities:

1935. W. Ceram.1-1936-37. W. New Guinea, Vogelkop:2 P. Babo (Nov. 25, 1936); by proa along the mangrove to the Aroba River (28) and S of Babo (Dec. 2); by ship from Babo to the Kamoendan River, sailing 50 km upstream (Dec. 5-7); by motor-proa proceeding to the Kariri District (8-9), making bivouac; some trips in the neighbourhood (10-12); making the 2nd bivouac part of the way downstream in the sago swamps, and making exploration tours (14-18); 3rd bivouac at the mouth of the Kamoendan; tour in P. Babo (Jan. 10, 1937); Fak-Fak (16-17), exploring the Otakwa, Bloemen, Noordwest and Lorentz rivers in the ‘Albatros’ (18-27); from Inanwattan (S. coast) by motor-boat to Teminaboean on the upper course of the Kaiboes (29); on foot to Lake Amaroe (30-31); reconnaissance W and NW of the said lake (Febr. 1-2), karst landscape; returning via Wehali, and trip to Hesia (3), Siak Moselek and environs (4), Wersar and by motor-boat to Kondal (6-7); Inanwattan (8-10); back at Babo; Kokas and the mountainous country of Onin Peninsula (13-22): Kokas; ascending the Kajoeni River by proa to Pasar Pendek, making tours in the mountains, visiting Pikpik, Komkomoer, Boenga-boenga-poer, Bagbadan, and the Hamamandi (= Hamamedi) Ridge; back at Kokas and by proa to the opposite P. Ogar; tour to Idore (March 1-4), the ‘mantri’-surveyor collecting on P. Modan; savannah region North Bomberai: by proa from Babo to Senendara River (6); ascending the same, visit to the Makasuara, Tovoei and hence to the Agonda Savannah (padang!); returning (11) by proa; Central Bomberai: from Babo by proa along the Kaitero to Taniba and exploring the neighbourhood (23-25); on foot to the ladang grounds W of Argoeni Bay, via Waroroma, Poerwarta, Mariëdi, Wermenoe to Mendiwa (26-29); to the sources of the Gobo and Gesawe rivers via Mangera, Waragegere and Raoena (March 30-Apr. 7); from Mendiwa by proa to Serarang (Apr. 8); G. Genofa (9-10), visiting a stalactite cave; from Mendiwa by proa to Tiwara on the northern part of the Argoeni Bay (12); minor tour in the environs and crossing to Soegawata (13); along Kawafa River (14); back to Babo (15).-1940. Ambon, W. Ceram and SW. Celebes.



In Herb. For. Res. Inst. Buitenzorg (see there) [BZF], including 574 nos from New Guinea, numbered in the bb. series; also specimens of woods and resins. In Herb. Bog. [BO]: mainly duplicates of the F.R.I. bb. nos.



(1) Typed reports on W. Ceram (1935) in the Forest Research Institute, Buitenzorg.

(2) Z. Salverda: ‘Rapport van een oriënteerende exploitatie in ZW. N. Guinea Nov. 1936-Mei 1937’ (mimeographed report of the D.E.I. Forest Service, accompanied with many photographs and maps); see also extract from a letter, dated May 1937, in Tijdschr. Nieuw Guinea 2, 1937, p. 101, and R. Wind in l.c. 3, 1939, p. 507-530, 571-591; ‘Ervaringen van een landhuishoudkundige exploratie op N.-Guinea’ (Bergcultures 13, 1939, p. 1265-1275, w. fig.).