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Sapper, Karl Theodor


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 1: Cyclopaedia of collectors)


Born: 1866, Wittislingen, Bavaria, Germany.



Was educated at Munich (Ph.Dr 1888); in 1888 at the Zoological Station, Naples, Italy; from 1890-91 on coffee plantations, from 1893-96 geologist in Mexico; since 1902 Extraordinary Professor of Geography at Tübingen, Germany (from 1907-10 Ordinary), from 1910-19 Professor at Strassburg, and from 1919 onwards at Würzburg.

He travelled in Central America and Mexico (1880-1900), Central America and the Lesser Antilles (1902-03), and made a geographical-geological expedition to the Bismarck Archipelago with Friederici (see itinerary below).

Author of a comprehensive paper on New Ireland.1


Collecting localities:

Bismarck Archipelago, 1908.2 The expedition left Germany in March; investigation of Neu Hannover (= New Hanover) (May-June), crossing the island twice; Neu Mecklenburg (= New Ireland) (mid-June-mid-July), crossing the island several times; after a visit to Bougainville, Sapper returned to New Ireland, and visited the AnirIslands; exploration of the SE. coast of New Ireland, and crossing the island from Suralil to Hiratan, and from E to W through the narrowest part. End of August the expedition was dissolved; return voyage in September.



Herb. Berl. [B]: 3 nos from Neu Mecklenburg (= New Ireland) (pres. 1910). He made zoological collections too.



(1) K. Sapper: ‘Beiträge zur Landeskunde von Neu-Mecklenburg and seinen Nachbarinseln’ (Mitt. Deutsch. Schutzgeb. Erg. Heft 3, 1910, p. 1-130, 1 pl., 8 maps; map 7: vegetation map!; it includes an essay by C. Lauterbach: ‘Die Vegetationsformen’, l.c. p. 71-74).

(2) cf. Deutsch. Kolon. Blatt 1908, p. 743, 1009-1010, 1057, 1060 + map, 1237.


biographical data:

In J.C. Poggendorf, Biogr.-liter. Handwörterbuch 4, 1903.