Collecting localities



Schäfer, Hans


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 1: Cyclopaedia of collectors)


Born: 1884, Görlitz, Silesia, Germany.



Was educated at several German universities (M.D. Breslau 1909); from 1909-14 in the Cameroons (Africa); in 1921 to the D.E.I., till 1924 Government Physician at Sibolga and Padang (West Sumatra); in 1926 regional and missionary doctor at Sambas (W. Borneo); later plantation doctor in Deli (Sumatra East Coast) and subsequently of the gold-mine Lebong Tandai in Benkoelen (S. Sumatra). At the invasion of Holland by the Germans he was interned and later shipped to British India, where he was in a camp at Dehra Dun; after World War II attached to a health-resort at Dannenfels, Pfaltz (S. Germany).

He is commemorated in Calamus schaeferianus Burret.


Collecting localities:

Sumatra and W. Java (G. Papandajan).



Herb. Bog. [BO]: material of Amorphophallus and Rafflesia species from S. Sumatra (pres. 1934-38); Herb. Kol. (= Ind.) Inst. Amsterdam: flower of Rafflesia arnoldi + herbarium material of Cissus sp. (pres. 1935); also material in Herb. Berlin [B]. Material of Rafflesia in formalin etc. was sent to Hamburg [HBG] and Königsberg too. Tubers of Amorphophallus were presented to Buitenzorg, Kew, Amsterdam, Hamburg and Berlin.