Collecting localities




Schiefenhövel, Wulf


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 8: Cyclopaedia of collectors, Supplement II)


Born: 1943, Siegen/Westfalen, Germany.



Medical student (1963-65 Munich University) was in E. New Guinea as a member of a small scientific expedition conducted by Dr Th. Schultze-Westrum, zoologist at Munich,1 in 1966. His interest was native medicine.

After his return in Germany he continued his study at the University of Erlangen.


Collecting localities:1

1966 (Jan.-Sept.). E. New Guinea, Papua: delta Kikori River in the Gulf of Papua, based at Aird Hill (4 months, Jan.-Apr.); lower reaches of St. Joseph R., N of Yule I., Centr. Distr., based at Maria Era Plantation near Epo (2 months); Terr. of New Guinea: 15 km NNW of Mt Bosavi, Western Highlands Distr., based at Bosavi Station near Didéssa (1 month).-1970. Papua and Terr. of New Guinea (July-Dec.).



150 medicinal and other useful plants in the course of his work on the medical knowledge and practice among the indigenes of New Guinea; material obviously mostly sterile. Many fragmentary and sterile suitable specimens in Herb. Lae [LAE].



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