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Schimper, Andreas Franz Wilhelm


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 1: Cyclopaedia of collectors)


Born: 1856, Strassburg, Germany. Died: 1901, Basel, Switzerland.



Botanist who after taking his Ph.Dr’s degree (1878 at Strassburg) worked for some time at Lyons (France) and Baltimore (U.S.A.) (1881); in 1882 he settled at Bonn, in 1886 being appointed Extraordinary Professor there; since 1898 Professor at Basel, entering upon his duties after return from the ‘Valdivia’ Expedition (see below). Beside as a member of this deep-sea expedition, he travelled in the West Indies (1883), Brazil (1886-87), Ceylon and Java (1889-90).

His special interest was the beach and crater vegetation and the life-history of epiphytes.1

Vaccinium schimperi Koord. was named after him.


Collecting localities:

Java (Oct. 1, 1889-March 13, 1890).2 In W. Java: Buitenzorg, Priok, Tjilintjing, P. Leiden and the Duizend Eilanden (in the Bay of Batavia) for the study of the beach vegetation; visiting G. Salak, G. Gedeh-Pangrango, G. Tangkuban Prahu, G. Guntur (lava fields), G. Papandajan, G. Tjikorai, Telaga Bodas and Kawah Manuk for the study of the alpine and the crater flora; in Centr. Java: coastal forests of Nusa Kambangan (S of Java) and the rhizophore regions along the Kinderzee (Febr. 1890); the dunes of Wodjo (Febr. 1890); E. Java: rhizophore regions of Pasuruan and Probolinggo; on G. Ardjuno and G. Tengger (Febr.).

Deep-sea expedition in the ‘Valdivia’, 1898-99.3 Sailing from Hamburg (July 1898) via the Canaries, Cameroon, the Cape of Good Hope, Kerguelen, New Amsterdam and the Cocos Islands; W. Sumatra (Jan. 22-29, 1899): Emmahaven, Padang, Padang Pandjang, Fort de Kock, Pajakombo, Kloof van Harau; Mentawai Islands: Siberoet (Jan. 30, not going ashore); S. Nias (Febr. 1, part of the expedition going ashore); P. Weh: Sabang (Febr. 6); via the Nicobars, Maladives, Ceylon, Seychelles, and the Red Sea, to Europe; Hamburg (Apr. 29, 1899).



According to Urban4 he (in 1898-99) mainly collected material in spirit, preserved in Herb. Bonn [destroyed in WW II] and Basel [BAS]. In the Show Mus. Berl.: 30 nos of rhizophores of the Malay Archipelago. A few plants, including the type specimen of Vaccinium schimperi Koord., in Herb. Leiden [L].



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biographical data:

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