Collecting localities



Schmutz S.V.D., Father Erwin


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 8: Cyclopaedia of collectors, Supplement II)


Born: 1932, Ingolstadt/Donau, Germany.



At first a druggist, studied theology from 1956-62, and set out for Indonesia as Steyler Missionary in Flores (Lesser Sunda Islands) in 1963.


Collecting localities:

From 1964 onwards in W. Manggarai, Flores.-1968. Trip to Timor (June-Aug.): Atapupu (June 14), Atambua, Atapupu (16) (Kolo Guerita), Mota Buik (river between Atambua and Nenuk Lalina), Lahurus (20), ascent of the Lakaan (1585 m; 21) and descent on the W. slope: Mota O (river; 25); Lalian Nenuk and Mota Telau (25), Kefamenanu (28), Tua Ms, direction Mutis to Oeolo (700 m; 30); ascent G. Mutis (July 3-4; 2427 m); So (10; 1200 m) and Nikiniki (12; 750 m); from So to Kupang (14); to Rot (= Roti) (17-20); return to Kupang (staying 27-Aug. 2); to Maumere by plane (Aug. 4); Centr. Flores (Aug. 8-30), visiting Lomblem (= Lomblen) (13); return in W. Flores (Aug. 31).



Private herbarium; originally ferns only (1964: nos 01-0116; 1965: nos F1-F143), subsequently phanerogams and mosses also (1965-67: nos 1-1588). All specimens at least with one duplicate which is intended for Leiden Herb. [L] (pres. 1970). Several of the numbers are lacking. Garcinia specimens were sent to Dr Kostermans at Bogor (Indonesia). In 1974: 3200 nos.