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Senn, Gustav


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 1: Cyclopaedia of collectors)


Born: 1875, Basel, Switzerland. Died: 1945, Basel, Switzerland.



Botanist, educated at Neuchâtel and Basel, especially studying anatomy and physiology; Ph. Dr in 1899., He made an excursion to Corsica, and subsequently worked in Germany, respectively at Halle, Kiel and Leipsic. In 1910/11 he was given the opportunity to make a voyage to the tropics (for the ‘Erdgenössische naturwissenschaftliche Reisestipendium’), and visited Ceylon, Java, and the Malay Peninsula. He was a visitor of the Buitenzorg Botanic Gardens from Oct. 1910-Febr. 1911. This voyage resulted in many papers,1 and a rich collection of material which he afterwards mostly used for his lectures. In 1912 he was appointed Professor of Potany at Basel.



Herb. Basel [BAS]; some in Herb. Leiden [L].



(1) E.g. ‘Tropisch-asiatische Bäume’ in Karsten u. Schenck, Veget. Bilder, Reihe 10, Heft 4, p]. 19-24.


biographical data:

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