Collecting localities


Sijde, Hendrik Adolf van der


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 5: Cyclopaedia of collectors, Supplement I)

(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 8: Cyclopaedia of collectors, Supplement II)


Born: 1926, Assen, Dr., Holland.



Was educated in the Agricultural College, Wageningen; since 1955 forest officer in the employ of the Forestry Service of West New Guinea, stationed respectively at Merauke, and Hollandia.

Later he went to S. Africa.


Collecting localities:

West New Guinea. 1956. Merauke (Feb. 22, 24); in the vicinity of Hollandia, e.g. at Hamadi, Kota Nica, Lake Sentani, Jautefah (Jotefa) Bay, etc. (onwards of June 19); Waisiniwai (Demta Distr.) (July 24, Sept. 6, Dec. 8); Sorong (Oct. 16-17).-1957. In the environs of Hollandia.