Collecting localities




Smith, Jeremy Michael Bayliss


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 8: Cyclopaedia of collectors, Supplement II)


Born: 1945, Stamford, England.



Botanist, educated at Cambridge University, England, 1964-67 (Upper 2nd Hon.), and University of Singapore 1968-69 (Dipl. in Education).

He was a member of the Cambridge Kinabalu Expedition, 1967; other members were J.W. Patterson and P.R. Williams, both reading Zoology in the University of Cambridge.

He chose to make an ecological study of certain high altitude herbs (in casu Ranunculus lowii and 3 species of Potentilla) so as to discover something of the factors controlling their distribution.1

He remained in the East, working as a demonstrator in the Dept of Biological Sciences, at the University of Malaya. Now in Canberra, School of Pacific Studies, A.N.U.


Collecting localities:

Cambridge Kinabalu Expedition, 1967. Two months in Sabah during the summer vacation. Base camp at Park Headquarters Kinabalu. Smith spent the first three and a half weeks close to the summit, making use of Panar Laban mountain but (11.000 ft). The three of them made an ascent to Low’s Peak (13.455 ft) and subsequently returned to Park H.Q. The second half of the expedition the eastern track to King George’s Peak (13.340 ft) was followed, partly different from the one followed by Corner. Some time was spent at Tuaran before leaving Borneo and paying a visit to Singapore and the University of Kuala Lumpur.-1968. Mt Kinabalu, East Summit Party (Apr.),2 with J.B. Lowry, A. Hinde, G. Jacobsen, Dr J. Sheridan, and Miss R. Barker.



? Cambridge [CGE], and ? Herb. Kuala Lump. [KEP].



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