Collecting localities




Stein, Georg Hermann Wilhelm


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 1: Cyclopaedia of collectors)


Born: 1897, Ziltendorf, Güben, Germany.



Teacher at secondary schools, self-educated in natural sciences, specially interested in zoology and geology. He travelled in the eastern part of the Malay Archipelago;1 unfortunately his diaries were lost during war years and his narrative will never be completed.

He made botanical collections too; some plants were named after him (cf. Backer, Verkl. Woordenb., 1936).


Collecting localities:

1931. W. New Guinea.1 In the beginning of the year via Waigeo(u) to Manokwari; via Miosnom (= Mios Noem) (Febr. 17) to the island of Japen (or Jobi), Seroei (18), staying 7 weeks on the island, the highest bivouac being at 1000 m alt.; Numfor (= P. Noemfoor) (short stay); Manokwari; Waigeo(u) (May 6-June 16): sailing into Majalibit Bay, Lupintol, and crossing the lake to kp. Warmek (staying from May 9-18); mountainous hinterland of Warmek (20-28); Lam-Lam Mts in the N. part of the island (May 31-June 5), and visiting kp. Liunsok and Lupintol; back at Manokwari, from where via Numfor and Japen (Seroei) (July 6-17) to the S. point of Geelvink Bay, Wainami (= Nabire); by proa along the coast to the mouth of the Wanggar, ascending it for 6 days; march through the central mountains (setting out July 28), crossing the Waissai and the Menoo, making camp on the latter river; along the spur of the Weyland MIS, the G. Kunupi; while his wife stayed in bivouac, he went for some time to G. Sumuri; back in Kunupi bivouac (1500 m); about the end of Oct. returning to the coast, Wanggar (staying 16 days); by proa to Wainami; Manokwari; Ternate, from where sailing for the Lesser Sunda Islands.-1932. Timor: Tjamplong (Jan. 26), G. Moetis (Febr. 18-March 6); Niki-Niki, Soepoel (March); Port. Timor: Mt Ramelau (= Fatamailau) (Apr. 30-May 4). Making zoological collections in Sumba.



Herb. Berl. [B]: 623 nos from W. New Guinea and neighbouring islands, 607 nos from Timor (purch. 1931/33); the latter evidently numbered in continuation of the New Guinea collection.

The collection was partly elaborated.2



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