Collecting localities




Streimann, Heinar


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 8: Cyclopaedia of collectors, Supplement II)


Born: 1938, Tartu, Estonia.



From 1959-61 at the Bureau of Meteorology, Melbourne, assisting in research; 1961-63 Dept of Forests, Bulolo, New Guinea-road locations, land surveys and mapping; 1964-71 lecturing in botany and timber identification at the Bulolo Forestry College, establishing and maintaining a teaching and reference herbarium at the College; 1971-72 Senior Technical Officer at the Division of Botany, Lae, in charge of botanical collections;1 Nov. 1972- in charge of the Herbarium at the Canberra Botanic Gardens.


Collecting localities:

1964-72. Papua & Austr. New Guinea, except for the following districts: Southern Highlands, Madang, New Ireland and Bougainville. Much collecting in the Morobe District.



In NGF series, often with A. Kairo, between 8500-9000 numbers, sets in Bulolo, Lae [LAE]. Dupl. distributed by Lae.



(1) Author of ‘A new Balanophoracea, subfamily Langsdorfieae, from New Guinea’ (co-author J.S. Womersley, in Papua & New Guinea Scient. Soc. 1971). Timber Species Leaflets 1-10 published, 225 to be published.