Collecting localities




Tappenbeck, Ernst


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 1: Cyclopaedia of collectors)



Agriculturist who in, 1891 entered the service of the German New Guinea Company.1 He made some trips into the interior of New Guinea, and in 1898 was appointed Leader of the 2nd Ramu Expedition during which he was accompanied by an Indonesian collector.


Collecting localities:

NE. New Guinea, former Kaiser-Wilhelmsland. 1892. Ascent of the ridge of the Hansemannberg, situated about 4˝ km from Friedrich Carl Hafen, in company with the missionary G. Bermann (Apr.).2-1896. A member of the Kaiser- Wilhelmsland Expedition, cf. sub C.A.G. Lauterbach (also for liter. etc.).-1898. 2nd Ramu Expedition,3 with H. Rodatz and H. Klink (see those). Starting from Friedrich Wilhelms Hafen (Apr. 3): Elisabeth Bucht ( -Apr. 7); Prinz Adalbert Hafen ( -Apr. 12); Potsdam Hafen; mouth of the Ottilien (= Ranu or Ramu) River (13); ascending the same until reaching the locality to where Lauterbach had come downstream on Aug. 14, 1896, thus producing evidence for the identity of the Ramu and Ottilien River; Klink & Rodatz (see there) stayed behind, the others went downstream and left the river mouth on April 26th. To Prinz Adalbert Hafen (Aug. 9), staying till the 18th; Prinz Eitel Friedrich Hafen; Potsdam Hafen (21-25); mouth of the Ranu; ascending the river (31), reaching the station on Sept. 3rd.



Herb. Berl. [B]: coll. 1896 (cf. Lauterbach) and 188 nos of the 2nd Ramu Expedition. Possibly no collections were made in 1892.



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