Collecting localities




Troll, Wilhelm


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 1: Cyclopaedia of collectors)


Born: 1897, Munich, Germany.



At first lecturer, subsequently Professor of Botany at Munich; he took his Dr’s degree in 1921; in the thirties appointed at Halle a/Scale; after World War II Professor at a new university at Mainz. In 1929/30 he joined the ‘Sunda Expedition der Notgemeinschaft der Deutschen Wissenschaft’ under leadership of the zoologist Prof. J.W. Harms. Its special purpose was the study of biological problems; collecting was done as a side-line only. Troll himself made morphological studies, one of his more important subjects being the respiratory roots of mangrove plants.1

The fern Campylogramma trollii Goebel was named after him.


Collecting localities:

1929. As no complete itinerary is available, the following data were extracted from his papers. Sumatra East Coast: near Belawan (Febr. 5 and possibly at other dates); mangrove coast and swamp forest of Deli: at Perbaungan (= Perbaoengan), Betingtjámar, etc.; P. Berhala (March 19); Sumatra West Coast: Padang; Mentawei Islands. P. Siberut (June 1, staying a few days);2 Ambon: Soja di bawah (July 3), Asiloeloe (July 14), Wai Tonahitoe delta, between Ambon and Roetoeng (Sept. 1), Wai Ila (Sept. 1), Latéri; Saparoea; Aroe Islands: P. Wamar, near Dobo (Oct. 22), P. Enu.



He collected mainly ferns,3 some sea-grasses, Algae, and mosses; he had to leave behind most of his collections at Halle, when he had to leave that town before the entry of the Russian army. Material in alcohol, especially of roots of mangrove trees, is for the greater part in the Bot. Inst. Halle (a/Saale) [HAL], for a small part in Bot. Mus. Munich [M].



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