(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 1: Cyclopaedia of collectors)



In the ‘Beitr. Flor. Papuas.’ (in Engl. Bot. Jahrb.) he is occasionally mentioned as the collector of plants in Neu Pommern (= New Britain) and Neu Mecklenburg (= New Ireland) in the Bismarck Archipelago, in the Solomon Islands, and at Bogadji in NE. New Guinea (1909). Evodia schullei Warb. f. gracillima Laut. from the last-mentioned locality was in Herb. Lauterbach and is now probably in Herb. Breslau [WRSL]. The other plants are probably either in Herb. Berl. [B] or Breslau too [WRSL]. Up to the present there is no evidence of him being identical with R. Thurnwald, who made extensive explorations of the Sepik River etc. in 1912-14.