Collecting localities




Tuyama, Takasi


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 5: Cyclopaedia of collectors, Supplement I)


Born: 1910, Hiroshima-City, Hiroshima, Japan.



Was educated in botany at Tokyo University, making a special study of the flora of the Bonin and Micronesian Islands. In 1939 he was appointed Assistant at the Botanical Institute of Tokyo University; in 1941 Member of the Research Institute for Natural Resources; 1943 D.Sc.; in 1950 Ass. Professor of Ochanomiza University and since 1952 Professor.


Collecting localities:

1943. Expedition in the ‘Vogelkop’, West New Guinea (Feb.-June). Collecting mainly in the lowland, at Manokwari (March and June), in the Prafi River District, also at Hattam, and in the Island of Japen (June).



Provisionally deposited in Herb. Res. Inst. Nat. Resources, Tokyo, numbered 566-1967; some dupl. in Herb. Nat. Sc. Mus. Tokyo [TNS]. According to the collector himself the material is rather poor and incomplete; the material in alcohol was practically lost by the bombardment of Tokyo. Specialists are working on special groups, and the results will eventually be published as Contribution 2 seq.1



(1) S. Hattori: ‘On a small collection of Hepaticae from Dutch New Guinea’. Contrib. to the Tuyama 1943 Collection of Dutch New Guinea Plants No 1 (Bot. Mag. Tokyo 64, 1951, p. 112-119).