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Volz, Walter


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 1: Cyclopaedia of collectors)


Born: 1875, Wynau, canton Berne, Switzerland. Died: 1907, hinterland of Liberia, Africa.



From early childhood had a lively interest in natural history. Circumstances compelled him to choose another branch of study, viz the building trade. As soon as he had the opportunity he zealously devoted himself to the study of zoology, botany and geology, mainly at Basel. After having finished his studies in 1899 he was offered a job as geologist in the employ of the ‘Kon. Ned. Mij t. Expl. van Petroleumbronnen’ in the D.E.I. through the intermediary of his professor. He stayed in Sumatra from early in 1900 till June 1902, making important zoological collections. On the way back to Europe he stayed for a month in Java, several weeks in the Malay Peninsula, Siam, Cochin-China, Japan, the Sandwich Islands and N. America, to return after a voyage of 5 months to Switzerland.1 At Berne he spent his time in arranging his collections and preparing and publishing a series of scientific papers. In 1903 he was appointed Zoological Assistant on the staff of the Zoological Institute at Berne; since 1905 Lecturer at the University. In May 1906 he set out on an expedition to Liberia (Africa), where he was killed during skirmishes.1


Collecting localities:

S. Sumatra, Palembang: near kp. Belanie (Apr. 1901); small lake near Talang Bangkuang in the neighbourhood of the Balankalan Balei River (June 4, 1902); W. Java: Botanic Gardens Buitenzorg (July 8, 1902); Lake (Sitoe) Lembang (July): Sitoe Bagendit near Garoet (July 16); in Centr. Java visiting Ajah, Nagasari and Karangbolong on the S. coast, from Keboemen; Malay Peninsula: Singapore Botanic Garden (Aug. 15).



At least Algae.2 No data about the location of these plants are known to me. He made zoological collections too.



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biographical data:

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