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Vorderman, Adolphe Guillaume


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 1: Cyclopaedia of collectors)


Born: 1844, The Hague, Holland. Died: July 15, 1902, Batavia, Java.



Physician who came to the D.E.I. in 1866 as Medical Officer in the Navy; since 1871 appointed in the Civil Health Department, first stationed at Soemenep (Isl. of Madoera), in 1881 transferred to Batavia, and from 1890 till his death Inspector of the said department. On account of his numerous merits he was made a honorary doctor of Science in Utrecht University.

Author of several well-known papers on native poisons, drugs, and foods, published in medical periodicals, ‘Teysmannia’, and ‘Het Natuurkundig Tijdschrift voor Ned. Indië’.1 He wrote various ornithological papers too, and edited the journal of Albert Colfs (see there).

He is commemorated in Myristica vordermannii Warb.


Collecting localities:

(where probably but partly botanically collected). In Java (c. 1880-1902). W. Java: Batavia (in 1886 etc.), Cheribon (Kandanghouer), Wijnkoops Bay and Zand Bay (June 19-28, 1885),2 G. Salak, Pamanoekan (Krawang), Sewoe, W of Cheribon Res.; Centr. Java: Diëng Plateau,3 G. Moeriah (= Moerjo), Djokjakarta; E. Java: Kediri, G. Tengger (Sept. 1894), G. Kloet (May 30, 1901).4-Besides Java he visited many other islands of the Malay Archipelago: P. Bras, off N. Sumatra (Nov. 1874-July 1875);5 S. Sumatra, Lampong Districts (Sept. 1883, immediately after the Krakatau eruption):6 ashore near Gebang and on foot to Telok Betong and back, embarking again at Menangga (Ratai Bay); Billiton (June 1888);7 Bawean: from Sangkapoera to Tambak on the N. coast, Soewari, and back (1891);8 Sapoedi Islands (E of Madoera) (May 1892);9 Madoera (May 1-18, 1894):10 from Soemenep by land to Batang Batang, principal town of Timordaja Distr., and back to Soemenep; vai Banding to Amboenten, by proa to Tamberoe Timor, on horseback to Pegantenan, via Beltoq to Pamekasan, along the southern beach to Sampang; back to the north coast as far as Ketapang daja, and via Sapolo and Arisbaja to Bangkalan; returning to Soerabaja via Kamal; Lombok (Lesser Sunda Isls) (Oct. 1894);11 Celebes and Moluccas (first half of 1897),12 hunting in: SW. Celebes, in the vicinity of Makassar, and in some localities on the W. and N. coast of the island (his hunters were allowed ashore), in N. Celebes in the Minahassa (Manado, Tomohon, Tondano, Sonder, Amoerang), and in Gorontalo (Bone, Limbotto), on P. Sanggir (= Sangihe) at Taroena, in the Moluccas in Ternate, Batjan (from Laboeha), Halmaheira (Gani on the SW. coast), Ambon, Haroekoe, Saparoea, Noesa-laoet, Boeroe (Kajeli), Ceram (Wahaai, Warne), coral islet of Mado(e)rang, Gisser (= Geser), Banda; Banka: Muntok and Blinjoe (189 .); Billiton (June 6, 1900).



Herb. Bog. [BO]: scarce material, mostly of officinal plants. The Madoera collection 1894 consists of 172 nos; in 1898 a collection of 63 nos of food plants from the Minahassa, Batjan, Banka, etc., was sent for identification to Herb. Bog. [BO].



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biographical data:

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