Collecting localities




Wade, Leslie Keith


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 8: Cyclopaedia of collectors, Supplement II)


Born: 1940, Vancouver, B.C., Canada.



Phytosociologist, B.Sc. (1963) and M.Sc. (1965), University of Columbia. In summer 1963 taking part in an expedition to the western Canadian Arctic with Prof. V.S. Krajina. He started his postgraduate studies at the Australian University of Canberra, and spent a period in New Guinea for the phytosociological study of the alpine and subalpine vegetation of Mt Wilhelm under Dr D. Walker (see there).1 He later returned to Canberra to complete his thesis for a Ph.D.


Collecting localities:

E. New Guinea (May 1966-July 1967), mostly on Mt Wilhelm, but also on Mt Giluwe, Upper Sirunhi and Chimbu Valley. Also visiting Bougainville (Solomons), Lake Iriste area (Papua), Mt Giluwe in the Southern Highlands, at Lae (2 months herbarium work), and making short trips to Mt Kainde, Wan, Bulolo, and Madang.



Herb. Lae [LAE]: ANU nos 7000-7794; dupl. will be deposited in Canberra [CANB], Leiden [L], Kew [K], and Arn. Arbor. [A].



(1) L. K. WADE & D. N. MCVEAN: ‘Mt Wilhelm Studies 1. The alpine and subalpine vegetation’ (Res. School Pacif. Stud. Dept. of Biogeogr. & Geomorph. Publ. BG/1, 1969, 325 pp.; Austr. Nat. Univ. Press).