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Wänman, Carl Henric (or Hindrikson)


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 1: Cyclopaedia of collectors)

(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 5: Cyclopaedia of collectors, Supplement I)


Born: 1733, Uppsala, Sweden. Died: 1797, Åbo, Finland.



Entered the University of Uppsala in 1758; pupil of C. Linnaeus, graduating in 1759 (Flora Capensis), and taking his doctorate in medicine in Oct. 1768. At first medical practitioner in Stockholm; appointed medical officer to the Nyland county council (Finland) in 1779, physician at Helsingfors (Finland) in 1780; at the outbreak of war in 1788 army surgeon at Helsingfors, and in 1794 medical officer in the council of Åbo (Finland). He was a ship’s surgeon on two journeys to the East Indies and brought home some scientific material.


Collecting localities:

His 1st voyage to China must have taken place between Sept. 1766 and Sept. 17681, visiting at least the Cape. The 2nd voyage possibly between end 1768 and Aug. 17702; during this voyage Manila (Luzon, Philippine Islands) was visited. Possibly respectively in the ‘Lovisa Ulrica’ and the ‘Adolph Friederic’ (cf. P.J. Bladh).

As he brought home material from Java and Sumatra, this must have been collected when going to, or coming from, China.



A plant specimen, collected at Manila, Luzon (P.I.), was in the Hornstedt (see there) collection, studied by Dr van Steenis in March 1949; in Herb. Acad. Sci. Stockholm [S].

In Herb. BERGIUS (= Acad. Stockh. [S]): plants from China, the Cape, Java, Ind. Or., Manila (Luzon), Sumatra.3 It seems almost certain that he also collected for Linné; then in Herb. Linn. Soc. Lond. [LINN]. Specimens in Herb. Thunberg (= Uppsala [UPS]).



(1) Vide MS letter to P.J. Bergius dated Sept. 14, 1766, in which he tells that he will make a voyage to China in a new ship of the Swedish East India Company. Linné had given him a private lecture on what he must look for and how to keep the bulbs, seeds, etc. (in R. Swed. Ac. Sc., Stockholm); and ditto dated Sept. 24, 1768 in which he writes that Linné had bade him welcome from the antipodes, and states that all medical men are good Linneans!

(2) Vide MS letter from Linné to Wänman dated Aug. 19, 1770 (in Brefsamling in R. Swed. Ac. Sc. vol. 14, p. 779) in which he congratulates him on his happy return home.

(3) Vide MS letter to Bergius l.c. sub 1, dated Sept. 24, 1768, in which he asks him to select duplicate specimens.


biographical data:

Sacklén, Sveriges Läkare Historia 2, 1823, p. 69-71 (Dr R. Florin kindly supplied me with the data in English).