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Waterstradt, Johannes (John)


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 1: Cyclopaedia of collectors)

(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 5: Cyclopaedia of collectors, Supplement I)

(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 8: Cyclopaedia of collectors, Supplement II)


Born: 1869, Copenhagen, Denmark. Died: 1944, Copenhagen, Denmark.



A gardener of Dutch descent; in 1888, when on his way to emigrate to Australia, he made the acquaintance of a German insect collector, who worked for Staudinger, on board the ship. The latter was willing to learn him the trade, and both left the ship in Ceylon, and for the next 25 years Waterstadt worked as a professional zoological collector, who made extensive expeditions in Ceylon, Malaya and the Malay Archipelago (chiefly Borneo) since 1888, at least partly on behalf of the Tring Museum. In 1913 he returned to Denmark and started horticulture once more, especially breeding orchids. According to Barlow’s biography (see below) he repatriated in 1904, taking over his father’s market gardening business, specially in orchids. He returned to the East in 1908 and 1912, visiting Mt Kinabalu again.

From W.’s diaries it is apparent that he took a passage to Australia not before 1890 or early 1891, and started collecting with the Germans in Ceylon in the middle of 1891.


Collecting localities (Zoological):1

1888-89. Ceylon.-2nd half of 1889, Penang.-(Emendated after Barlow, i.e. after W.’s diaries). 1891. Ceylon: Penang and Singapore; Labuan (end Oct.); Brunei, trip up the Padas R.-1892. N. Borneo: vicinity of the mouth of the Lawas R.; Mt Kinabalu (May-June), based at Kiau.-1893. Back at Kiau (Jan.-end of Mar.).-1894. Kudat (Jan. 23) and by boat to Banggi (? Banguey 1.) (till end of Mar.). Philippines: Balambangan, Balabac, and Palawan. Return to N. Borneo: Kudat (end of May), and Labuan (June 1). Expedition up the Lawas and Limbang Rivers (Brunei); Labuan (Oct.); return to Mt Kinabalu, based at Kiau again, visiting the Marei Parei ridge, returning to the coast on Dec. 31.-1895. Short expedition to Kinabalu (Mar.) and to Palawan, returning Aug. 2.-1896. In March sending native collectors to Kinabalu for insects, while he went to Mengalung for 2 months.-1899. Back in Labuan after 6 months in Europe; heavily involved with oil concessions and prospecting in Brunei, he arranged for collectors to go to Ternate, Halmaheira, Batjan, and Obi.-1901. Malay Peninsula: ascent of G. Tahan (May-Nov.);2 early Dec. back in Labuan.-1902. Trip to Brunei (end of Jan.); to Sulu Is. (Jolo) via Sandakan; leaving (Feb. 27) for Mindanao: Zamboanga, and by steamer to N. Celebes: Menado, collecting in that island and in Obi (2˝ months) before continuing to Batjan, based at Labuha; leaving Batjan (Sept. 1), spending 6 weeks on Halmaheira and surrounding islands (Moluccas), and the remainder of the year at Saonek in Waigeo-1903. Leaving Halmaheira (end of Feb.) for Ternate, and thence to Ambon. Because of impaired health return to Labuan. N. Borneo: Mt Kinabalu, Kiau (June 12-July 29); back to Labuan. Mindanao: Davao (till end of the year), travelling in the S. part of the island, climbing Mt Apo up to c. 6000 ft.-1904. Labuan (Jan.); E. Java: Soerabaja (till end of March); back to Europe.-1908. N. Borneo: Mt Kinabalu.-1912. Mt Kinabalu.



He collected orchids for Sander (English nursery firm) and brought various plants at different times to Hort. Sing. During a trip to G. Tahan (Malay Peninsula) he made a small orchid collection.2 His name may appear on herbarium labels.

According to Barlow the majority of his orchid collections before 1904 went to Hugh Low & Co. in London. He made extensively use of native collectors.



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biographical data:

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