Collecting localities




Wentholt, Frederick Anton


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 1: Cyclopaedia of collectors)


Born: 1901, Siperok, Tapanoeli, Sumatra.



Attended the Colonial Agricultural School at Deventer (Holland); since 1930 Assistant Pedologist of the Soil Science Institute, Buitenzorg. In 1947 on sickleave in Holland.


Collecting localities:

1932-33.1 Dutch N. New Guinea: Lake Sentani; Vogelkop: Manokwari Subdiv. (Oct. 4-28, 1932),2 Angi Lakes, Sorong, War-Samson and Amberbaken District.-Nov. 1937-Jan. 1938. Plain of the Wai Ransiki, between the lower course of this river and the coast, Manokwari Subdivision. -Dec. 1939. Dutch N. New Guinea: basin of the Korime River (Grime and Sekoli plains), Hollandia Subdivision.-Febr. 1940. Vogelkop: basin of the Legari River, Manokwari Subdivision-1940-41. Dutch S. New Guinea: coastal region of Merauke (Oct. 15-31). Collecting was done by Anta (itinerary etc. see there).



Hort. Bog.: living orchids. For dried collections of the last expedition cf. sub Anta, for 1939 sub H.L. Heyl.



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(2) cf. ‘Voorloopig Verslag van de Bodemkundige Expeditie Noord-Nieuw-Guinea III. Onderafd. Manokwari. Het Angi-Angi-gebied en de kustvlakte bij Momi’ (Mimeogr., 1934).

M. van der Voort & F.A. Wentholt: ‘Soil expedition North New Guinea. II. The back-country of Manokwari’ (Contrib. no 6 of the Chuo Noozi Sikenzyoo, Bogor (Djawa) 2603, 38 pp. + map).