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Weyrich (or Weirich), Heinrich


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 1: Cyclopaedia of collectors)

(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 5: Cyclopaedia of collectors, Supplement I)


Born: 1828, Livonia. Died: 1863, Petersburg, Russia.



Studied medicine at Dorpat, 1846-51 (M.D.); entered the Russian Navy as a surgeon, and accompanied Admiral Putiatin’s naval expedition to Eastern Asia,1 in 1852, at first sailing on the ‘Pallas’, but later transferred to the ‘Fearless’ (Vostok). The transfer to the ‘Vostok’ took place at Plymouth. He availed himself of every stay of the vessel to botanize.

He is commemorated in Rhododendron weyrichii Maxim., Cirsium (Cnicus) weyrichii Maxim., etc.


Collecting localities:3

Naval Expedition 1852-54, in the ‘Pallas’ and ‘Vostok’. The ‘Pallas’ left the roads of Kronstadt Oct. 7, 1852; the ‘Fearless’ (= Vostok) was bought in England, and joined the ‘Pallas’ at Plymouth; sailing from Plymouth (Jan. 6, 1853), by way of the Cape of Good Hope; the ‘Vostok’ ordered to visit the Cocos (Keeling) Islands and then to repair to Hongkong; the ‘Pallas’ anchored off Anjer, W. Java (May 17), reached Singapore (24), June 1 sailing for Hongkong; Canton, Bonin Islands, Japan, mouth of the Amur River, W. coast of Sachalin, Nagasaki, Shanghai; Manila (Luzon, Feb. 16, 1854, the ‘Vostok’ a week later); Feb. 27 the squadron left Manila; the flagship had a delay of 10 days in one of the islands of the Babuvan Group; Liu Kiu Islands, Nagasaki, E. coast of Korea; in May 1854 returning to De Castries Bay because of the war with England and France. Admiral Putiatin returned to St Petersburg in Nov. 1855 by the Amur and Siberia.



Herb. Bot. Gard. St Petersb. (= Leningrad [LE]): plants from Japan and the Philippines.2



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biographical data:

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