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Wilde, Willem Jan Jacobus Oswald de


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 8: Cyclopaedia of collectors, Supplement II)


Born: 1936, Heemskerk, Netherlands.



Botanist, educated at Leiden University (Ph.D. 1971). From 1960-1961 Assistant of the Rijksherbarium, Leiden; in 1962 working on the CARMABI (Caraibean Marine Biological Institute), Curaçao; 1963-1966 staff member Agriculture University Wageningen (while in Africa for International Technical Assistance, The Hague); since 1966 staff member Rijksherbarium, Leiden.

From his stay in the Cameroons (1963) onwards he invariably collected together with his wife, née Duyfjes, Brigitta Emma Elisabeth (1936, Bandung, Indonesia; x), botanist, educated at Leiden University; presently at Agricultural University Wageningen, working on North African Allium.

Author of taxonomic papers on Najadaceae, Saraca (Caesalpiniaceae) and Passifloraceae (thesis on the genus Adenia), and of reports on the Netherlands Biological Expedition to Turkey (1959).


Collecting localities:

1972. Indonesia. N. Sumatra: Atjeh. Exploration Gunung Leuser Nature Reserves:1 Ketambe area (Orang Utan Orphanage) (c. 300 m) (May 15-June 16); climbing G. Bandahara (17-28), large ‘blang’ c. 2800 m (25); Ketambe area (June 29-July 5); Pematang Siantar, Prapat (Lake Toba) and G. Batu Lopang (E of Prapat) (July 8); Ketambe area (9-14); climbing G. Ketambe (2200 m) (15-20); Ketambe area (July 21-Aug. 1); expedition into the interior, SW of G. Ketambe (up to c. 2700 m), also climbing again G. Ketambe (c. 2200 m) (3-18); Ketambe area (Aug. 19-Sept. 3).



Sumatra collections in Herb. Leiden [L] (G. Leuser nos 12000-13488, 13564-14456; Pematang Siantar, Prapat, G. Batu Lopang, nos 13489-13563); dupl. in Herb. Bog. [BO]. Plants from Turkey, 1959 (2154 nos) also in Leiden [L].

African collections (1963-66) all in Wageningen [WAG], >10.000; numbered from 1 onwards.



(1) A report will be published in Fl. Mal. Bull. and in Mal. Nat. J.


biographical data:

Curr. vitae in Thesis Leiden, 1971, p. 3-4.


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Willem de Wilde

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Brigitta de Wilde-Duyfjes

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