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Yvan, Melchior


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 1: Cyclopaedia of collectors)

(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 8: Cyclopaedia of collectors, Supplement II)


Born: Digne, France.



Surgeon-naturalist of Lagrené’s embassy to China in the years 1844-46.1 After his return from the East he first lived at Paris, but later retired to Digne (Dept d. Basses Alpes).

He is commemorated in Pandanus yvanii Solms Laubach.


Collecting localities:1

The mission sailed from Brest in ‘La Sirène’ (Dec. 12, 1842); via Teneriffe, Brazil, Cape of Good Hope, Bourbon; visiting Malacca, Singapore, and P. Penang; in the Philippines: Basilan (Malamawi), making a trip to Gunambarang River, and other excursions during which several rivers were ascended; proceeding (Febr. 4, 1844) to Holo or S(o)ul(o)u (6); back to Basilan again (Malamawi, Maloso); arriving at Macao on Aug. 13, 1844.

Though he told by the way in his book (l.c. p. 208) to have visited the bird’s nests caves in Java, no mention is made of this island in the itinerary.



Herb. Deless. (Geneva [G]): 300 nos (pres. 1846);2 also in Herb. Decand. (Geneva [G]). He collected both in the Malay Peninsula and China, but possibly also in the Philippines.



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(2) cf. Bull. Herb. Boiss. 4, 1896.

C. Montagne: ‘Note sur quelques plantes cryptogames recueillies en Chine pendant le séjour qu’y fit notre ambassade, et communiquées par M. le docteur Ivan’ (Rev. Bot. Duchartre 2, 1846-47, p. 363-365).


biographical data:

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