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Zollinger, Heinrich


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 1: Cyclopaedia of collectors)

(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 1: Cyclopaedia of collectors, Addenda & Corrigenda)

(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 5: Cyclopaedia of collectors, Supplement I)

(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 8: Cyclopaedia of collectors, Supplement II)


Born: 1818, Feuerthalen, Canton Zürich, Switzerland.

Died: May 19, 1859, Kandangan, SE. slope G. Tengger, E. Java

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School-teacher at Kussnacht, Switzerland, who in 1837 went to Geneva for the study of botany, attending the lectures of Alph. Decandolle etc.; subsequently teacher at secondary schools; in Dec. 1841 he went as a professional plant collector (see sub Collections) to Java, where his compatriot A.J. Meyer took him with him to Tjikoja Estate in the western part (Bantam Res.) of that island. His difficulties were numerous and he often despaired; in 1847 he was recommended by Teijsmann for the post of Assistant Curator of the Buitenzorg Botanic Gardens, but the appointment of van Gesker (see there) came off, and Zollinger returned to Switzerland in July 1848, to enter upon his duties as ‘Seminardirektor’ at Kussnacht in January 1849. In 1855 he came to Java once more, as he feared a European war in the near future; this time he was deputy of a Dutch-Indian company who intended to plant coconut trees on grounds which were not yet put under cultivation.

Besides of many papers on his tours, he is the author of publications on meteorology, molluscs, plant taxonomy, and some very important ones on the vegetation.1 All of his papers testify to an excellent power of observation, combined with a strict statement of the problem.

He is commemorated in several Indonesian plant names.


Collecting localities:













1842. W. Java, principally in Bantam and Buitenzorg residencies; staying at Tjikoja in Bantam (May 8-Sept.) and collecting in the environs, at Tjidoerian, Tangerang, Pas(s)ir Madang (Aug. 12-13), Passie, Moenjoel, Babakan, Tjikadoe; in the mountains at Janglapa, Angsana, (D)Jasinga; on the other side of the Tjidoerian at Sambora, Tjikandi; making a trip through Bantam via Serang, Anjer, Tjarita, Tjiringin (= Tjaringin), Pardana on the Panimbang, Soedimanik, Tjiboerial, Pandeglang, Menes, etc.; another trip to the mountains of Djasinga via Pas(s)ir Madang, longitudinally crossing Bolang Estate; Tjikandi-Buitenzorg-Djasinga (Oct.); G. Salak (Nov. 2-4)-Buitenzorg (Bantar Peteh on the l 1th)-Tjibinong-Bantam (Nov.); G. Salak (Nov. 30-Dec. 8)-Koeripan (18)-Bantam (Dec.).-1843. Bantam (Jan.-Febr.), Djasinga; G. Gede(h)-Djamboe Dipa-Tjikoja (8)-Propoli (March); Tjaringin-Panimbang-Tjikandi-G. Poelo Saharie (= Poelasari) (May 10); between Soedimanik and Tjiboerial (Bantam)-G. Bongkak (June); Panimbang-Pas(s)ir (July); Tjikoja-Pas(s)ir Madang (Aug. 12-15)-Djasinga-Kendang (Buitenzorg) (Aug.); Tjiapoes (Salak)-Tjikoja (Sept.); Buitenzorg-Bantar Peteh-G. Salak (Oct.); G. Salak (crater-field and Tjiapoes, Nov. 2-4, 15-19);2 Batavia-G. Salak-Tjikoja (Dec.).-1844. Tjipanas-G. Gedeh-Pangrango-Hortus Bogoriensis-G. Tangkoeban Prahoe (Febr.); Tjoeroeg Tjimahi-G. Tangkoeban Prahoe-Djamboe Dipa-Tjikapoendoeng Fall (Bandoeng)-Boekit Toenggoel (March 15)-Tjipanas-Tjibodas (March); Tjibodas-Megamendoeng-G. Tangkoeban Prahoe (Apr.); Hortus Bogoriensis-G. Gedeh-Telaga Warna (Apr.-May); leaving Buitenzorg (June); Tjikoja-Tjampea (Aug.). Tour in E. Java (1844-45):3 Soerabaja (visiting G. Sahari, the vicinity of Naphta wells, etc.)-G. Penanggoengan (Aug.); Trètès near Bangil (Aug. 17); Trawas (19); Modjokerto-Modjopahit-Modjosarie (21); G. Welirang (27-28), climbing the summit; G. Penanggoengan summit (Sept. 4);4 Semeroe-Djago (Tengger)-G. Welirang-Gebok Klak(k)a-G. Raoen(g)-G. Kendang (Malang)-G. Ardjoeno (13-14)-Srigontjo-Madjangtenga (30)-Dajoe (Bangil)-Pandahan-Pasoeroean-Malang-Loemadjang tengah (Sept.); Loemadjang tengah (Oct.)-G. Semeroe (Oct. 2-3)- Manding River (3)-G. Widodaren (4)-Boerang (4)-Loemadjang (7-8)-Madjangtenga (7)-Malang (11)-S. Pasoeroean (1l)-Srigontjo-Kepandjen-Gondang legi (12-13)-G. Bromo-Poespo (Tengger)-Tosari-G. Welirang-summit G. Panan(d)ja(k)an-Sg. Gading (16)-beach near Gondang-Tobo (22)-Gebok Klak(k)a(h) (Tengger)-G. Kendang (Oct.); Gebok Klak(k)a (Tengger) (Nov. 7-9)-Malang-Windit-Tosari-G. Bromo-G. Ider Ider-summit G. Penanggoengan (Nov.); Poeger (S. coast) (Nov.-Dec.); Modjopahit-G. Ardjoeno-Malang Residency (Dec.); Soerabaja (Dec. 6-27).-1845. G. Taroeb (Jan. 4)-Tiris (6)-Ranau Sagaran (= Segaran) (6)-Klakah (15)-G. Taroeb (15)-G. Lamongan (16-18)-Poeger-Noesa Baro(e)n(g) (2l) -Loemadjang and Pakis near Klakah (25)-Klakah (28-31); Loemadjang (Febr. 3, 6, 7)-Pasirian (7)-Loemadjang (13)-Poeger (15-16, 18)-Lamongan (18)-Noesa Baro(e)n(g) (21-22)-Srigontjo (22)-Sabrang-Poeger (Febr. 23, 28); Poeger (March 1)-Djember (7)-Bondowoso (30-31); Bondowoso (Apr. 1-2)-Waringin (4-5)-G. Arak near Besoeki (Apr. 5, 7)-Segoro Anak (20)-G. Ringgit (21)-G. Baloeran (22)5-Panaroekan; Idjen Plateau (Apr. 28-May 3), at Litjin, G. Rand (= Rante) (30), etc.; Rogodjampi (May 8, 11)-beach near Bomo and Pampang (= Pangpang) Bay (12)-Banjoewangi and G. Ikan (13)-Gradjagan and Bomo (14)­Banjoewangi (leaving on the 16th); Bali (arriving on the 17th), Bangli and Karangas(s)em, visiting G. Seraja (21),6 etc.: E. Java: Banjoewangi (26); Selowojo Bay and beach of Gradjagan-Lodong River (May); Idjen Plateau (28-29); kali Tikoes and Pradjekan (June 1)-Pradjekan (3)-Maesan between Djember and Bondowoso (6)-Ardisarie (G. Raoeng) (10)-G. Hjang (= (I)Jang) (15, collecting Rubus boschianus Zoll. & Moritzi!)-G. Argopoero (16)-G. Krintjing (Jang Plateau too)-Gradjagan-Soerabaja (June); Soerabaja, visiting G. Sahari (July 13), etc. W. Java: Tjampea (Aug. 17); G. Salak (31).7 S. Sumatra, Lampong Districts (Sept. 15-Oct. 2):8 Telok Betong (Sept. 15); hot springs SW of Telok Belong (Kadjadian); Goenoeng Talang, Natar, Tigennennang (Sekampong River), G. Sogi (= Goenoengsoegih) (16), Tarabangie (= prob. Terbanggi-besar) (19), Goenoeng Batin, Meng(g)ala (on the Toelang Bawang) and back to Telok Betong. W. Java: G. Salak (Nov. 10-11);9 E. Java: G. Tengger (Nov.); Soerabaja (Dec. 14); W. Java: G. Gedeh (22), Gadok (23).-1846. G. Salak (Jan.); Tjisokan (Bandoeng) (Febr.). Tour to Bali and Lombok:10 leaving Buitenzorg (May 1); Batavia ( -May 11); Semarang (3 days); E. Java: Soerabaja (May 29-June 8); Besoeki (10), from where visiting G. Raoen(g)-G. Argopoero-Bondowoso; Bali: Beliling (= Boeleleng); Bandjir Djava (July 1); Singaradja (2); trip into the hinterland of Beliling as far as Pemboenoet; Lombok: Ampenan (July 18-Aug. 2), visiting Mataram (18, 25, 27, 30), Laboean Tring (= Laboehan Tereng); setting out (Aug. 3) to the Peak of Lombok, via Pringa Rata, Batoe kleang, Loijok (5), reaching the southern summit G. San(g)kareau (7-8), but not the summit proper of the Rindjani; back at Loijok (8); Aug. 23 found him at Ampenan again, not yet having climbed the Rindjani proper; though he still intended to ascend the latter, he did not succeed, and did not reach the lake (Segara Anak) either.-1847. W. Java: G. Pangrango (May 3). Tour to Celebes and the Lesser Sunda Islands:11 SW. Celebes: Makassar (June 3-13), visiting Maros (c. 14-17); leaving Makassar (21); road of Bonthain (28) and trips in the environs (29); Boeloekomba (July 1); Saleyer (= P. Salajar) (2-4), visiting G. Haroe; Flores (12); Soembawa and Bima (July 20-Oct. 13): G. Tambora (Aug. 9-13);12 G. Hoeroe pr. Bangie (16); between Mata and Ampang (18); G. So(e)nkar (Sept. 5); G. Padjo and Gempo (Sept.); G. Aroehasa (Oct. 9); G. Gempo (22); SW. Celebes: Makassar (Oct. 25-Nov. 15); Boni (= Bone) (Nov. 19-20); Bonthain Fall (Dec. 5); Makassar (7-17). W. Java: Tjipanas ( ? Dec. 19).-1848. G. Prabakti (Salak) (May 28-June 3); departing (July 28) for Switzerland by way of Singapore, Ceylon, and Egypt.-1855. W. Java: lime-depositing hot springs at Koeripan (Oct.).-1856. E. Java: Wonosalam (Jan.); G. Broeboe (Soerabaja Res.);13 Bali: Djembrana (Oct.), Banjoewetan ( ? Bajoewedang on the N. coast) (Nov.), etc.-1857. Bali:14 arrival at Tabean (Aug. 29) and proceeding to Singaradja; leaving for Koeboeklod (Sept. 4); Tamblang, Daoes(s)a (5); Batang-Kintamani-Bator village (6), making several minor trips to Bt Tjatoe (8), Lake Bato(e)r (9), G. Abang (Zollinger did not reach the summit, but his companion Bloemen Waanders (see there) did), etc.; G. Batoer itself was not climbed; ascent of the Soekawana, Tjato(e)r (12); trip to the Tapsai (14); Pengadjaran-Tagal-Klampoek-Tamblang-Koeboeklod (15); embarking again (Sept. 17).-1858. E. Java: Rogodjampi (May). Madoera (c. June 6, discovering Semeiocardium arriensii Zoll.):15 Pamekas(s)an; G. Pa(d)joedan (= G. Tamboekoe); from Pamekas(s)an to the N. coast near Temboeroe (= Temberoe), from where to the S. coast near Balega; visiting the N. coast NE of Ban(g)kal(l)an(g). E. Java: Rogodjampi (Aug. 5).-1859. Gradjagan (Febr. 4); Rogodjampi (Febr., Apr.), leaving when fallen ill; Kandangan (Tengger) (died May 19).

Zollinger is cited as the collector of Mollusca in Rakata Island (= Krakatau) by E. von Martens (in Preuss. Exp. Ost-Asien, Zool. 2,1867). The specimens are in Mousson’s collection (Zürich) and are labelled Zollinger 59 (stands for 1859) (Mrs W.S.S. van der Feen-van Benthem Jutting in litt.). Theoretically there is a possibility that the molluscs were collected in Jan. 1859 (from Fehr. onwards Z. was in E. Java), but as no Zollinger plants are known from Krakatau, it seems equally possible that the molluscs were collected by someone else and presented to Mousson through Zollinger’s intermediary.21



When planning his going to Java, at the instigation of Alph. de Candolle, Zollinger sent out a prospectus to get subscribers for future Java collections. Every subscriber was to pay 200 francs in advance, while he himself would insure his life at an amount high enough to compensate the subscribers if he should die untimely.16

The collections were to be sent to Professor A. Moritzi at Solothurn, who would supervise the naming, numbering, and distribution.17 This was done up to 1847; in the summer of 1845 Moritzi worked for this purpose in the Herbarium at Geneva. The total collections amount to c. 4000 nos,18 they were partly elaborated.19

His private set (1842-48) (with H.Z. on the labels) came, when Zollinger departed to Java for the second time, into the possession of Comte Alb. de Franqueville (the latter’s herbarium was in due time incorporated in Herb. Paris [P]), who financed the publication of the ‘Verzeichnis’18 (1854/55). This set was lent to Miquel, who used it for his Flora of the D.E.I.; later Cogniaux elaborated the Melastomataceae. Plants from Japan (coll. Goering) at Paris also [P].

Moritzi’s set was offered for sale in 1851.20

Sets or specimens of his are in numerous herbaria. In Herb. Decand. (Geneva [G]): 3634 nos; Herb. Deless. (Geneva [G]); Herb. Berl. [B]: ‘Plantae Javanicae’ (1842-48) 3166 nos and ‘Iter Javan. sec. (a. 1856-59); Herb. Bog. [BO]: a rather complete set; Herb. Cambridge  [CGE] (England): a rather complete set; Herb. Acad. Sci. St Petersburg (= Leningrad) [LE]: 3200 nos from Java (one of the best sets); Herb. Kew [K]: 330 nos and nos 1-1090 (pres. 1848-65), and ex Herb. Bentham (lacking some numbers); Herb. Brit. Mus. [BM]: 697 Java plants (purch. 1857-58), and a fine and extensive series from Java and Japan (the latter not coll. by Zollinger but by Goering) with Herb. Shuttleworth (acq. 1877); Herb. Leiden[L]: several cryptogams, and a series of plants from the 2nd period, with detailed labels; Herb. Nederl. Overz. Bezittingen Ned. Kruidk. Vereeniging (= Bot. Vereeniging, Leiden[L]) (purch.); Herb. Univ. Amsterdam[AMD]: Compos. (from Schultz Bip.); Herb. Utrecht[U]; Herb. Bot. Gard. St Petersburg (= Leningrad [LE]): 677 nos; Univ. Erlangen [ER]; Mus. Neuchâtel [NEU]; Herb. Siles. Ges. Breslau [WRSL]: 1 parcel; Univ. Leipsic [LZ]; Herb. Turin [TO]; Herb. Vienna [W] (also with Herb. Reichenbach); Herb. Bot. Gard. (= Univ.) Zürich [Z]: 189 nos from Java (pres. 1896), rich series from Java (acq. with Herb. Prof. Dr Arn. Meyer in 1896 and 1900), and 28 sheets of cultivated plants (pres. 1906); Herb. Martius (= Brussels [BR]): 800 from Java; Mus. Techn. Coll. Zurich: 100 wood samples from Java; Herb. M. Wigand ( ?[BH] ); Herb. Caen [CN] (also with Herb. Franqueville); Herb. Turczaninow (= Univ. Kharkov); Herb. Lindemann (U.S.S.R. [LECB]): 5 nos; Herb. Florence [FI]: Java plants; Herb. State Mus. Stockholm [S]; Herb. Univ. Kiel [KIEL]: Java plants; Herb. Berne [BERN]: some nos Plantae javanicae 1842-48 and from the Sunda Islands; Herb. Hamburg [HBG]: Java ferns, also plants with Herb. Sonder; Herb. Senckenb. Ges. (at present in Univ. Frankfurt [FR]): vascular cryptogams; Herb. Arn. Arbor. [A]: 1164 nos; Gray Herb. [GH]: 3 Java nos.

To illustrate the importance of his collections, it may be mentioned that the plants collected in E. Java in 1844/45 contained 2 families new for Java, viz: Geraniaceae and Epacridaceae. They contained besides records of the genera: Geranium, Alchemilla, Spergula, Torilis, Stellaria, Lagenophora, Phaleria, Athroisma, etc., the new species: Artocarpus venenosa Zoll. & Moritzi and many new localities of rare species.

In L’Institut de France, Paris, a MS list: ‘Liste des plantes, recueillies à Java par M. Zollinger, envoyées par M. Moritzi, juin 1846 is filed.

Some of his ferns from Java, are also cited as Sporleder, Java. Evidently at least fern duplicates in Herb. Sporleder (see there).



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biographical data:

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