Erythrodes Blume, Bijdr. (1825) 410

Subfamily: Orchidoideae

Tribe: Cranichideae

Subtribe: Goodyerinae

Synonyms: None. 

A genus of c. 25 species; c. 19 species in Malesia.

Distribution: Sri Lanka, India, China, Southeast Asia, Malesia, east to Tonga

Erythrodes_blumeiJJV_016003b_5760.jpg (58061 bytes) Erythrodes_blumeiPO_IMG0020.jpg (67993 bytes) Erythrodes_blumeiJJV_016003a_5760.jpg (84304 bytes) 
Erythrodes blumei (Lindl.) Schltr., from Sulawesi Erythrodes blumei (Lindl.) Schltr., from Sumatra Erythrodes blumei (Lindl.) Schltr., from Sulawesi
Erythrodes_amboinensis_287-2a.jpg (63226 bytes)
Erythrodes amboinensis (J.J.Sm.) J.J.Sm., drawing J.J. Smith

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