Stigmatodactylus Maxim. ex Makino, Illustr. Fl. Jap. (1891) t. 43

Subfamily: Orchidoideae

Tribe: Diurideae

Subtribe: Acianthinae

Synonyms: Pantlingia Prain

A genus of 10 species; 6 species in Malesia.

Distribution: NE India, Taiwan, Japan, Malesia, Solomon islands

Kores, P. 1991. A revision of the genus Acianthus (Orchidaceae) in Papuasia. Lindleyana 6: 162-173.


Stigmatodactylus_croftianusAS_1079.jpg (118174 bytes)
Stigmatodactylus croftianus (Kores) Kores, in situ, from Papua New Guinea

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