Synoptical Key to the Orchid Genera of Malesia

André Schuiteman


Life form: epiphyte or lithophyte  terrestrial  climber  any life form

Growth type: sympodial  monopodial  any growth type

Rhizome: absent  short  elongated  any state

Stem or pseudobulb length: stem/pseudobulb absent or short  elongated  any state

Pseudobulb: absent  of one internode  of two or more internodes  any state

Leaf number per shoot: 0   1   2   3 - 6   more than 6   any number

Leaf arrangement: distichous  not distichous  any state

Leaf markings: with spots or marble-like pattern  with white or coloured (but not green) veins  without such markings or veins  any state

Leaf shape: dorso-ventrally flattened ('normal')  bilaterally flattened  terete or filiform  any state

Leaf folding: plicate  not plicate  any state

Hairs on leaves or leaf-sheaths: absent  present  any state Inflorescence position: basal   lateral   terminal   any position

Inflorescence type: 1-flowered  raceme or flower pair with common stalk  panicle  umbel  head-like or fascicle of two or more flowers  any type Flower size: < 0.5 cm across  0.5 - 2 cm across  2 - 5 cm across  > 5 cm across  any size

Flower colour: white  green or brownish  yellow  orange or bright red  pink, bright purple, mauve to violet  blue  other colours or multi-coloured  any colour

Sepal markings: without distinct spots or stripes  with distinct spots or stripes  any state

Sepals: free  only lateral sepals connate  all three sepals connate  any state

Lip spur or spur-like mentum: absent  present  any state

Column-foot: absent or very indistinct  distinct  any state

Pollinia: no distinct pollinia   2   4   6   8   any number




Last updated: 21 July 2008 by André Schuiteman

Malesian Orchid Genera