Collecting localities




Bensbach, Jacob


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 1: Cyclopaedia of collectors)



Resident of Ternate, Moluccas, who made several tours of inspection in the eastern part of the Dutch East Indies; he made collections of living plants.


Collecting localities:1

Dutch New Guinea. 1889. Put into Wandamen Bay (end of July) in the ‘Havik’, to get satisfaction for the menacing attitude of the natives of the Geelvink Bay; before the arrival of the auxiliary troops (Dec. 8), he made a trip to Ansus (S. coast of Japen); Dec. 22 sailing along the W. coast of the Geelvink Bay and going ashore at Wendesi, P. Ro(ö)n, Doré Bay (Jan. 5-11, 1890), leaving the 12th for Ternate-1890. For Jan. see before. Embarking on the ‘Raaf’ (end of May);2 Dobo (P. Wamar, Aroe Isls), sailing on June 9th; P. Adi (11), S. point of Namatote, Koningin Sophie Strait, discovery of Java Bay and Raaf Bay; Bitjura Bay, Kaimana Bay; P. Adi (30); Ambon (July 2). End of July for some days in Geelvink Bay in the ‘Raaf’ and in Oct. in the ‘Havik’ to Wandamen District.-1892. In the ‘Zeemeeuw’ to the W. and S. coast of New Guinea (Apr.-May):3 Gulf of MacCluer (Rumbati and Patipi), kp. Barn (Tagar Tuping) in Kapaúr District, P. Karas. Trip to the Papua Islands and the N. coast of New Guinea (Oct. 10-Nov. 18): Waigeo(u), Waigama, Miso(ö)l, Salawati and along the N. coast of New Guinea as far as Humboldt Bay; Ansus (S. coast of Japen); Dore. In Dec. in the ‘Zeemeeuw’ to Java Creek, Wenerika (S. coast New Guinea).-1893. Ambon (Febr. 12) and from there to Thursday Island for boundary negotiations with Sir W. MacGregor;4 discovery of the Bensbach River; March 5 leaving on the return journey.



Hort. Bog.: plants from New Guinea and P. Tata (Obi Group) (pres. 1889); probably various other consignments, coming from him, inserted under Anonymous.



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