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MacGregor, Sir William


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 1: Cyclopaedia of collectors)

(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 5: Cyclopaedia of collectors, Supplement I)


Born: 1846, Towie, Upper Donside, Scotland. Died: 1919, Aberdeen, Scotland.



A medical man, appointed Administrator of the British Crown Colony of New Guinea in June 1888, in 1895 Lieutenant Governor of Papua. During his term of office, he explored many parts of New Guinea and collected natural history objects; several of his minor tours were punitive expeditions. In 1901-02 Governor of Lagos; in 1904 transferred to New Foundland till 1909; in 1909 Governor of Queensland, retiring in 1914.1 He conducted an expedition to Labrador.

He is commemorated in several plant names.


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SE. New Guinea. Arrival at Port Moresby (Sept. 4, 1888); Port Moresby-Kerepunu (21-27); Louisiade Archipelago, D’Entrecasteaux Islands, etc.; Milne Bay (Dec. 1888-Jan. 1889); with English (Jan. 14) from E. side of the Ansell Peninsula walking across it to Chads Bay.2-In the ‘Albatross’ (Jan. 22) to Maivara on the W. point of Milne Bay, to cross the southeastern Peninsula of New Guinea; reaching Mullin’s Harbour (end of Jan.).-Embarked (Jan. 29) to Logia (Heath lsl.); Stacey Isl. (Suáu) (Febr. 2); Port Moresby.-From Port Moresby in a cutter to Kerepunu; on foot to Rigo; Húla and Kato (20); Kwaipo Ropu (21) and many villages in the neighbourhood (till March 10); return to Port Moresby. -From Port Moresby (March 21) to Manukoro Distr.; Kaile (24-25); Port Moresby (26).3-To Borobaba and Bura (= Boëra) (Apr. 9); Morobada (= Manu-Manu) (10); mouth Wai Mauri (= Veimauri River); Doura; Kabadi; Port Moresby (15).4-To Owen Stanley Range:5 from Port Moresby (Apr. 20) by boat to Vanapa River, reaching the highest point navigable on the 27th; J.B. Cameron was sent back to Port Moresby to fetch stores and carriers, MacGregor in the meanwhile making trips in the environs, and climbing Mt Gleeson; breaking camp (May 17); via Mt Guba, Mt Caesar, Mt Kowald; along the bed of the Vanapa (21-23); spur of Mt Belford (summit on the 24th); crossing St Joseph River (26); spur of Mt Musgrave, ascending the mountain to 7180 ft (29), then in eastern direction to 8000 ft and descending the N. slope; Mt Knutsford (June 6); Mt Douglas (10); Mt Victoria (11-12), the NW. summit of Owen Stanley Range; bivouac Mt Knutsford (16); back at the coast (24).-From Port Moresby (July 2) to the islands St Aignan (5-7) and Sud-Est.6-Boat tour to Aroma (July 18-20).7-E of Port Moresby: Cloudy Bay (Sept. 28); Merani (leaving Oct. 8); back at Moresby (26).7a-Exploring the Fly River etc.:8 mouth of the Fly (Nov. 21); Isl. Kiwai (Nov. 22-Dec. 10); ascending the river; bivouac at 5°31’S, 605 miles from the mouth (23); proceeding another 5 miles on foot; returning (24); Kiwai (Febr. 2, 1890); departing with Chalmers (9), for an exploration of the left and right bank of the Fly Delta; Tait River (= Oriomo), ascending it part of the way; proceeding along the coast (17); ascending part of the Binaturi; ditto of the Kawa Kusa (Pahoturi) (21); Isl. Dauan; preparing for a tour by boat to the western boundary of the colony with Chalmers and Cameron: sailing from Dauan (Febr. 26); Thomson Bay (March 2), Heath Bay and Morehead River; Dauan (17); back to Port Moresby.-Exploring St Joseph River:9 sailing from Port Moresby (Apr. 22); mouth St Joseph (26); proceeding to Ina Waí (28); by land to Ina Wi, Aipiana, Amo-Amo, Rarai, Ngawaúni; crossing the river to Ina Wabui (Taéna) (May 3); exploring the hills N of Ina Wabui (4-5); return; Yule Isl. (9); Maiva Distr. (11) and back to Port Moresby.-Basin of St Joseph River:10 from Port Moresby (May 22) via Yule Isl. to Maiva; Báihapa, Amo-Amo (29), Aipana, Ina Wáia (June 1), Ina Wabui (2), Bioto (3); back to Port Moresby, after visiting Kabadi Distr.-Insp. eastern end of the Possession:11 to Kerepunu (June); Toulon Isl. (27); Isl. Mairnpara, Suáu (28); Samarai; Teste Isl. (July 4); St Aignan Isl. (5); Sud-Est Isl. (8); Rossel Isl.; Woodlark Isl.; Trobriand Isls; Laughlan Isl. (17); anchoring near Awaiama in Chads Bay (23) and exploring Tapota Distr., W of it; sailing in northern direction (27) along the coast, touching at several small villages; Phillips Harbour; exploration west coast Collingwood Bay (30) to the other side, Keppelpoint; Port Hennessey; Holnicote (Gona) Bay; Robinson Bay; the remaining part of the coast as far as the German boundary; after return, sailing for Australia: Cooktown (Aug. 16), Brisbane (staying to regain his health from Aug. 25-Oct. 15).-From Port Moresby (Nov. 14) to the lower course of St Joseph River, to found a government station at Aipiana; Amo-Amo (18); Rai-Rai (21); Ngawaúni (22); Mt Auonganga (23); returning (Dec. 1); Ina Wi (4); Yule Isl. (5); Port Moresby. Belford (see there, for liter. too) proceeding to Mt Yule.12-Hinterland of Port Moresby, Koiari Distr. (Dec. 20-24), reaching Taburi.13-Eastern end of the Possession:14 from Port Moresby (Dec. 27), via Kerepunu and Toulon Isl. to Samarai (30); Kwato Isl.; Heath Isl.; Dufaure Isl. (Jan. 3-5, 1891); crossing to the mainland Suabina; Mullens Harbour, from where by land (7) to Sila-Sila (N. coast Ellengowan Bay); by boat (Jan. 8-11) along the coast in western direction, through the strait between the coast and Dufaure Isl. and along the south coast of Isl. Isidau, touching at several villages; Samarai (12).-To the Louisiade Archipelago: Sud-Est Isl., Misima, Laughlan Isl. (Jan. 21), East Isl.; Milne Bay (Mita) (25), visiting several villages in the neighbourhood; Maivara Distr. (27), Waga-Waga and Samarai; when returning to Port Moresby, going ashore in Meikle Bay (Febr. 9), from where on foot to Sila-Sila; and to Were-Were (= Wer-Weri) (10).15-Inspection Western Division:16 sailing (March 2); Mabudauan (6); navigating the Paho Turi (7), march into the interior; Boigu (12) ; exploration of the Mai Kusa and the Wasu Kusa (13-15); sailing to Thompson Bay; Mabudauan (18); once more in western direction (21), visiting Kadawa and Mawata (mouth of the Binaturi), Masingara and Badu Distr.; sailing to Turi-Turi; Isl. Daru (23); Isl. Párama (24); mouth of the Fly River, visiting several small islets; exploring the delta (till Apr. 2); Kiwai; Port Moresby.-South coast of. the eastern part of the colony:17 sailing (May 28); Kerepunu; Dedele Point; Robinson River; River Rig Wina; anchoring at the W. side of Table Point (June 1), visiting Magaubu; Amazon Isl.; Mayri Bay; ? ascent of Mt Goldie (according to Wichmann; not mentioned in the Ann. Rep. l.c.!); Millport Harbour; excursion to limestone hills (80 ft alt.) situated near the western entrance of Losoa Bay (June 5); Port Glasgow (5); Isl. Baibara (9); Samarai (11); sailing for the E. coast (12), Chads Bay; Taupota Distr. (13); Agondi Distr. (15); Bartle Bay; Normanby Isl.; Goulvain Isl. (Dobu) (19); Fergusson Isl. (22); back to Samarai (24); departing (26) to the Louisiade Archipelago; back at Samarai (July 10). -From Samarai (July 13) to Dobu; Fergusson Isl. (14-17); via Isl. Nuama to Trobriand Islands; back to Samarai (first days of Aug.).18-Crossing the SE. Peninsula:19 from Samarai (Aug. 7) to Maivara, Milne Bay, and via Buhutu Distr. to Tamoro, Mullens Harbour; from Tamoro by canoe (10) via Were-Were (= Wer-Weri) to Dahune; going ashore at the mouth of the Nigo-Nigo (11) in the western part of Orangerie Bay, afterwards visiting Laimotu, Wari, etc.; passing the night near Waibada River; back to Port Moresby.-Inspection Mekeo District:20 sailing from Port Moresby (Sept. 1); Yule Isl., Hall Sound, St Joseph River; Port Moresby (20).-Visit to Mekeo District (Dec. 9-13).21-Eastern Portion of the Possession:22 by boat (Dec. 17) to Kapa-Kapa, Hula, Kalo; Aroma and Kaiwala (18); the islands Laraoro, Suáu, etc.; Isl. Dobu (22); Fergusson Isl.; Bartle Bay; Duchess Isl.; Normanby Isl.; Dobu (28); Normanby Isl.; Dobu (Jan. 3, 1892); Welle Isl. (Sanaroa); Fergusson Isl.; Dobu (6); Fergusson Isl.; Trobriand Islands; Woodlark Isl. (14); Isl. Gawa, Kiriwina; Hughes Bay (21); Dobu (22); via Sewa Bay to Samarai (23); Louisiade Archipelago; Samarai (Febr. 6).-Visit Western Division:23 sailing (Febr. 29); Toaripi; Mabudauan (March 3); Fly River mouth; Maipani; mouth of the Gama Oromo and of the Gawai (12); Port Bevan; ascent of Mt Aird; Isl. Goari Bari; Omati River; trip into the interior; Airo or Airori River, Wai Roro River (26); via Bebéa to Mabudauan (28); ascending the Mai Kusa River (Apr. 5); Morehead River; to the Dutch boundary (8) and past it (9); back via Jervis Isl. (Mabuiag) to Port Moresby.-Departure (June 8) to Mabudauan (11); Boigu; the Mai Kusa (13); landing between Thompson Bay and Morehead River; Boigu; Dauan (24).24-Eastern end of the Possession:25 departing from Port Moresby (July 6); Tupuselei, Kapa-Kapa; march to Rigo and via Saroa to Gosoru; proceeding to Libikina (8); Imoa Gola (Wabaraba Distr.) (9); Waikuni on the Vanigera (10) and by canoe to the mouth, passing the night at Kalo; Kerepunu (12); Aroma Distr.; embarking again (16); Samarai (21); visiting many islands (July 24-Aug. 10) E of it; from Samarai (16) to Normanby Isl.; Dobu; Mosquito Isl., etc.-Country W of Port Moresby:26 from Port Moresby (Oct. 8); Buro (= Boera); Yule Isl.; Delena (Hall Sound); Mekeo Distr. near St Joseph River; Freshwater Bay (24); back to Port Moresby.-Inspection Gulf of Papua,27 from Hall Sound to Port Bevan: sailing (Jan. 9, 1893); Toaripi; Lakekamu River; ascending the Mapu and several other rivers part of the way; back at Kauaheri (30), and on foot to Orokolo; exploring the Purari Delta, Kaimari Distr.; Port Romilly; the Wame (delta branch of the Baroi); the Kaipana (Stanhope River, near Bevan); Aia River; Era Bay; Port Bevan (Febr. 19); Thursday Isl. (20) for an interview with the Dutch (cf. sub Bensbach) in connexion with the delimitation of the boundary between British and Dutch New Guinea: to the Fly Delta (March 9); Wabuda Isl. (13); Kiwai Isl.-May 9 to Mekeo Distr.; Yule Isl., Hall Sound; ascending St Joseph River; mouth of the Toutou (= Tau-Tau); back to Port Moresby.-Eastern end of the Possession:28 departing from Port Moresby (June 26); Kaile, Kapa-Kapa, Rigo, Kerepunu; Aroma Distr.; Samarai (July 17); Louisiade Archipelago; Hulá (23); Russel Isl., Sud-Est IsL; Samarai (Aug. 3); to the D’Entrecasteaux Isls (9); Fergusson Isl. (21); Dobu; Trobriand Isls.; Woodlark Isl.; Laughlan Isl. and many others; proceeding to the NE. coast: Bartle Bay, Goodenough Bay, Porlock Bay, Dyke Acland Bay, Gona Bay (Holnicote), Kumusi mouth, Douglas Harbour (Sept. 29), Cape Nelson (Oct. 5), Maki-Maki (Maisina Distr.), Phillips Harbour and back.-Visit to Purari District:29 from Port Moresby (Dec. 27); Apiope at the mouth of the Ai Wai; ascending the Ai Wai, the Auri and the Purari; back at Apiope (Febr. 1, 1894); in eastern direction to lare (3); Koriki (4); back to Apiopé, from where (7) to Maipua; Orokolo; returning (Febr. 18) to Port Moresby.-Visit to the NE. & S. coast, several islands, S. coast and Mekeo District:30 from Port Moresby to Samarai; via Wedau (Febr. 24) and Paiwa to the coast between Cape Vogel (Ipote) and Firtree-Point, exploring the latter; Pibubu on the Mobiri (March 1) and proceeding to the Kwagira; back on board (5); sailing to Ikore, N of the Clyde River, making bivouac; ascending the delta branches of Clyde River (= Mambare); Douglas Bay; Ope (Opera) (16); the Kumusi (17); back on the beach (21); Gona (= Holnicote) Bay (23); the Basari; Dyke Acland Bay (27); the Kewoto; the Umunda; the Musa (Apr. 3-11); Porlock Bay; the Dako (13); Phillips Harbour; Cape Vogel (Ipote); Paiwa; Samarai (16); departing to the S. coast (Apr. 19); near Table Bay: bivouac at Dawara, march along the coast to Batimata (= Parimata) Point (23), Dedele and from there (26) inland; back at Samarai (middle of May). Visit to the islands: Dobu (Goulvain Isl.) via East Cape; Isl. Tewara; Isl. Urasi; Trobriand Isls (May 20); Woodlark Isl.; Laughlan Isl.; Fergusson Isl.; Teste Isl. (Ware) (31); Sud-Est Isl. (June 2); Rossel Isl. and others; back to Samarai (12). Before returning to Port Moresby, visiting the following places on the south coast: Dedele (June 15), Domara (Cloudy Bay) and Eaula, Wererupu, Galoma, Keapara in Kalo, Kemali and Hula. To Yule Isl. (26); boat tour to Mekeo Distr.-1895. After his return from England he visited several stations: Isl. Daru (June); Rigo Distr. (June 20-July 5); near Roko and Isl. Tauko near Port Moresby (July 6); Amazon Isl. (Laraoro) (14); Wabumari Bay (15), and on foot to Sila-Sila; Samarai (16); to Dobu (20); Fergusson Isl. (22); Dobu (24); Fergusson Isl. (26), crossing it from Hughes Bay to Seymour Bay; Dobu (31); coast-villages of Fergusson Isl. (Aug. 1); Normanby Isl. (2); Samarai (3); Murawawa Bay (a bight of Goodenough Bay) (10); march from Kaiboda to Kwamana; mouth Mambare River; ascending it to half-way the inflow of the Tamatara; to the Musa (towards the end of Aug.), returning not before Sept. 23; ascending the Mambare, exploring the vicinity; junction with the Tamatara (Oct. 7); back to the coast, ascent of Kumusi River (Oct. 13-21); mouth of the Mambare (22); Porlock Harbour (25); Collingwood Bay; back to Samarai.31-To the Louisiades and neighbouring groups (Nov. 1-15), also Trobriand Isls (7). Departure for Rigo, from where (Nov. 21) an inspection to the inland portion of Rigo Distr. with English (see there); back by raft downstream the Vanigera (= Wanigela = Kemp Welch River); Kapa-Kapa (29); Port Moresby.32-Western Division:33 from Port Moresby (Dec. 13); via the mouth of the Wai Lala to Isl. Daru (14); bivouac at the junction of the Guepupu and Binaturi; Suve-Suve (= Suwe-Suwe), Turupo and Kedari Districts; Mawata (25), Masingara; downstream the Mawata (30); Isl. Boigu, the Wasu Kusa; Morehead River (Jan. 1, 1896), ascending it part of the way; put in a 1000 miles east of the mouth; lsl. Paramá (Jan. 18); mouth Werara Turi; Sui, west entrance of the mouth of the Fly (21), Sumai (south coast Kiwai Isl.); Wabuda (24); ascending the Bamu part of the way (29); Gana River; Aird River, going upstream to the Aird Mts (31); Orokolo (Febr. 1); Apiope; mouth of the Baroi; ascending the Omati, the Bebéa and the Bamu River; left bank of the Fly; back to Daru (12).-Visit of inspection to Mambare River District, etc.:34 Samarai (March 24); Isl. Kwato, Cape Vogel; Mambare River (29), ascending it to Tamata Station (30), the same day going downstream again; surveying the mouth and along the coast (Apr. 1); mouth of the Waria (3); mouth Ope (5); Goodenough Bay (6); via Wamira and Killerton Isls (mission station), back to Samarai (9); Conflict Isls (Baga Warina) (11); via St Aignan Isl. to the south coast; Gwaibumata Point opposite Toulon Isl. (20-21); Dedele and Domara (22); Hulá (24); Port Moresby. Departing again (29) on an expedition with Giulianetti, undertaken to repel Tugeri invaders: Orokolo (30); Isl. Darn; Isl. Marakara and Isl. Saibai (May 8), camping on the latter; Isl. Boigu (11); ascending the Wai Kusa (13) to near the junction with the Mai Kusa; back to Boigu (May 16).-Inspection to the Mekeo District:35 departing from Port Moresby (June 15); Delena; Yule Island; Mekeo (June 19); downstream the St Joseph River to Hall Sound; Ethel River (Kiwa); Aroma (July 3); discontinuing the journey on account of illness. After recovery, from Port Moresby to Dufaure Isl.; the Louisiades; Samarai (July 29).-From Samarai to the mouth of the Mambare for a successful endeavour to cross the SE. Peninsula:36 ascending the Mambare (Aug. 6-10); proceeding on foot, Clunas River, Simpson River; ‘Simpson’s Store’ on the Otawia (14); bivouac at Tjirima, MacLaughlin River (20); setting out (Sept. 1) for an ascent of Mt Scratchley (resp. Sept. 12 and 14 reaching tops); ascent of Mt Victoria (summit on the 20th); SW. foot of Mt Knutsford (29); Mt Musgrave (Oct. l, up to 2000 ft); passing the Lido (Oct. 3); Mt Guba (10); reaching the coast near Vanapa mouth (13). -From Port Moresby (Nov. 9); visiting Rigo Distr. and Suáu; Samarai (departing Nov. 13); mouth of the Musa (15), ascending it till just behind Gewadura (passing the village on the 29th); going to the coast with a wounded member of the expedition and proceeding to the mouth of the Mambare (Dec. 8); Tamata Station (9); Samarai (17); Isl. Kwato (Christmas).-1897. Western Division:37 from Port Moresby (Febr. 8); Isl. Daru; Warrior Isl. (Tutu or Tud) (18); Saibai (26); west bank of the Wasu Kusa (27); bivouac on the west bank of Morehead River (March 1), ascending the river (till March 5) to 8 miles above Bangu; Isl. Boigu (8); Isl. Daru (-13); Saguana; mouth of the Bamu (16); Orokolo (18); Port Moresby (22).-NE. coast:38 from Samarai (Apr. 10); Cape Vogel; Porlock Bay (11); going up the Mambare (15); Tamata Station (17); proceeding (18), and back to the mouth; ascending again (30) to 2 miles short of Peu; Tamata Station (May 2); back to the mouth (12); mouth of the Gira (18), ascending the river (till 26) and returning (27); by land to the Mambare mouth; Tamata Station (June 4); downstream to Apotji (7), and by land in search of the Gira via Apotji River, crossing Wade River (13) to Diware; by boat (15) to the mouths of the Gira and Mambare; returning (21) to Samarai via Douglas, Porlock, and Jasa-Jasa harbours. To Kiriwina (Trobriand Isls) (July 3).-District between Port Moresby and the Headwaters of the Goldie and Brown rivers:39 from Port Moresby (Aug. 2); Bomena, summit of the War(r)i(r)ata; descent to Taburi (4), to Sogeri Distr.; Umuni on the Ewofa (6); Mt Sefidubu (7); Wamai; Brown River (10); Gnianumu; Baura; Hagari; following the bed of the Ruguoa; bivouac on the slope of Mt Service (2000 feet); following the valley for another 4 miles (25); return (28), following the same route to Port Moresby.-Owen Stanley Range:40 from Port Moresby (Sept. 18); Vanapa River; going upstream from Morabi to Doura (20); Kone (21); Towiro bivouac (22); Exton (= Exter) River; Suku; (25); Amaseba (26); bivouac near the Wetapu (27); following the river (28) and climbing to Iritumini; gold-diggers bivouac (Sept. 30-Oct. 8), Goromani Ridge; with Giulianetti and English (see those) to the Wharton Range (setting out Oct. 9), bivouac of the former (18-26); Mambare (17); a summit of Mt Scratchley (20-27); MacLaughlin River (29); Mambare (30); Tamata Station (Nov. 6); downstream (7).-1898. Western Division: from Port Moresby (March); Isl. Daru (-March 22); Saibai, Bugi, Yobu Point, Walarter and Deliverance Isl.; bay W of Walarter; Saibai; Daru (30); Saguana, Giavi (= Giwoi) (Apr. 4); Isl. Wabuda (5); left bank Fly River; ascent of the mouth of the Bamu (7); following the course of the Wawoi; downstream again (10); Port Moresby (14). Central Division: from Port Moresby (Apr. 18) to the S. side of the Laloki; western spurs of Mt Lawes (19); Brown River (20), following it to the mouth of the Rugua; Port Moresby.41-With Lord Lamington (see there), Sir H.M. Nelson and F.M. Bailey (see there) to Isl. Tauko (Apr. 25); Mt Werirata (= Werirata); in the ‘Merrie England’ (28) via Tupuselei to Kapa-Kapa, Vatorata and Aroma; Dedele (30); Dufaure Isl. (= Magula Isl.) (May l); Samarai (3); Milne Bay (4); Mita, Awaiama and Baunia Bay (5); Dogura (6); Phillips Harbour; Porlock Bay (7); mouth of the Mambare (8), upstream (9) to Tamata Station (10); proceeding (11) and back to the mouth (12); mouth of the Gira, ascending the river (14) to Tabara (16); mouth of the Ope (17); mouth of the Kumusi; Bafare (19); mouth of the Musa (20), going upstream for 15-20 miles; Port Hennessey (23); Jasa-Jasa (25); Dogura (26); Samarai.42-Eastern portion and NE. coast:43 from Samarai (June 8) to the Louisiades and the D’Entrecasteaux Islands, visiting Tubi-Tubi (Slade Isl.), Dobu, Mohu, Kiriwina, etc.; Hughes Bay (18), Fergusson Isl.; Isl. Wagipa (Dodogésa) (24) near Goodenough Isl.; heading for the NE. coast: Jasa-Jasa Bay (26); Sydney Isls; Phillips Harbour; Hardy Isls (Sinipari) (28); Porlock Harbour (29); mouth of the Mambare (30); Tamata Station (July 2); Gona Bay (9); Kevoto (10); MacLaurin Harbour (11); Firtree Point (12); Dogura (13), Samarai (16); Port Glasgow (18); Vatorata (20); Rigo (21) and return to Port Moresby.-Inspection road between Port Moresby and the Main Range (July 26-31):44 bivouac at the junction of the Goldie and the Laloki River; climbing Hospital Hill (28); Brown River and return to Port Moresby. Lower portion of the Brown River:45 by boat (Aug. 10) to Red Scar Point; with A.C. English (11) to Galley Reach, afoot; from the mouth of the Naoro (= Brown River) going upstream (12); junction with the Laloki (13); ascending both rivers part of the way, but meeting with insuperable difficulties; bivouac on Isl. Sepa; by land (24) to a farm on Astrolabe Range.-Sept. l leaving New Guinea.



Herb. Melbourne [MEL],46 cryptogams too.47 Duplicates in Herb. Kew [K]: 80 nos from Owen Stanley Range, plants from the Louisiades and a complete set of the vascular cryptogams from Mt Knutsford, Mt Musgrave and Owen Stanley Range; Herb. Berl. [B]: from Owen Stanley Range (pres. 1902), mosses, orchids (with Herb. Schlechter); U.S. Nat. Herb. Wash. [US]: 24 N.G. dupl. of grasses; Herb. Leiden [L]. Herb. Copenh. [C]: Scitamineae dupl.



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