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Belford, George


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 1: Cyclopaedia of collectors)



Son of a high chief of Samoa and an Irish woman; at one time dweller on the Hunter River, then in Australian pilot service; he drifted to New Guinea, was a digger, a carrier of goods from Buna Bay to the Yodda, and one of Sir W. MacGregor’s most trusted men. He accompanied many New Guinea expeditions.


Collecting localities:

SE. New Guinea, Papua. 1883. With the ‘Argus’ expedition (cf. sub W.E. Armitt).-1884. With the Expedition of the ‘Age’,1 Melbourne, leader G.E. Morrison (naturalist C. Stewart): little way up the Goldie River, assaulted by the natives and return to Port Moresby.-1887. March from Sogeri to Eaha on the Brown River.2 In October he accompanied H.O. Forbes (see there) on an expedition having for its object the sources of the Goldie River.-1889. Accompanying Sir W. MacGregor (see there) on the expedition to Owen Stanley Range (May-June) and ditto on a journey to the Fly River (Nov. 1889-Febr. 1890).-1890. For the first months, see before. In Nov. with W. MacGregor to the Mekeo District (St Joseph River); Belford proceeded on this expedition3 after the departure of MacGregor to Port Moresby: climbing the SW. slope of Mt Drew (Dec. 8) and the summit of Mt Yule (7500 ft, via the SE. slope); via Amo-Amo back to Mekeo Station (Jan. 3, 1891); return journey to Port Moresby (7-10).-1906. With the expedition of the Royal Commission etc. (cf. sub Col. J.A.K. Mackay).



He collected on Astrolabe Range.4 The plants from Mt Yule were described by F. von Mueller;5 no collector is mentioned, but probably Belford directed the collecting assisted by other participants. On the latter mountain cryptogams were collected too.6



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biographical data:

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