Collecting localities



Stewart, C.


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 1: Cyclopaedia of collectors)



Is cited by F. von Mueller as the collector of Gmelina macrophvlla Benth. on P. Saibai, S of New Guinea.1

A certain Stewart, naturalist, joined the expedition of the ‘Melbourne Age’ (see below) under command of John Strachan.2

H. Greffrath cites a C. Stewart who left Thursday Island in April 1886 in company with 4 others, to explore the region W of the Fly River;3 no further details known to me. Probably the 3 cited Stewarts are identical.


Collecting localities:

Expedition of the ‘Melbourne Age’, 1884.2 Leaving Melbourne for Thursday Isl. and from there proceeding (Apr. 22) to Travers Isl., Banks Isl., Jervis Isl. (24); trip to the opposite mainland of SE. New Guinea: mouth of the Mai Kusa (= Baxter River) (May 7); ascending the Mai Kusa part of the way; when going downstream there was a skirmish with the natives and as a result they had to abandon their boat; crossing Gregory River; reaching the coast opposite P. Saibai (29); on June 3 a boat of the Mission called for them; Thursday Isl. (9).-1886. Leaving Thursday Island (Apr.) to explore the region W of Fly River in S. New Guinea.3



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