Collecting localities




Strachan, Capt. John


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 1: Cyclopaedia of collectors)



Leader of the expedition of the ‘Melbourne Age’ (cf. sub C. Stewart) in 1884, paid several other visits to New Guinea of which he relates in his book.1


Collecting localities:1

1884. Expedition of the ‘Melbourne Age’ to SE. New Guinea (cf. sub C. Stewart).-1885.2 Sailing from Port Jackson (Sept. 17) in the ‘Herald’; Dauan Isl., Saibai Isl., Boigu Isl.; SE. New Guinea: west mouth of the Mai Kusa Baxter River) and the western tributary and Mata Kaua Isl.; ascending the Wassi Kusa as far as the Mai Kusa; Strachan Isl.; Beru District, Boigu Isl. (Nov. 19), Saibai (22) and the opposite mainland of New Guinea; Mawata on the Binaturi; failing attempt to reach the mouth of the Fly; back to Mawata and visit to Masagari and Turi-Turi; homeward bound (Dec. 15); Port Jackson (Jan. 20, 1886).-1886-87. Moluccas: through Samau Strait ranging along the N. coast of Timor, Ombai Passage, Banda Sea, Banda Islands, Keffing & Gisser (= Geser) (Ceram-laut Islands); SW. New Guinea: Gulf of MacCluer; anchoring near Ati-Ati and Rumbati; Sekar Bay, Tambani, Bombarai, Bintuni, Arguni lsl.; Moluccas: Gisser  = Geser, 1 week’s stay); SW. New Guinea: Gulf of MacCluer; Goram Isl. (for 8 days); Karas and Tuburuasa islands; Samai and ascent of the mountain near the bay; Tuburuasa (Jan. 17, 1887); Arguni Bay; Dobo (Aru Islands); Kei Islands; S. New Guinea: Mawata near the mouth of the Binaturi, Saibai, Boigu and Strachan islands; Cape York (March 2); back in England (Jan. 1888).-1889. In the 2nd half of the year once more visiting the coast of New Guinea, from where in March 1890 to Somerset.



He brought a collection of wood samples from his voyage in the ‘Herald’ (1885).2



(1) J. Strachan: ‘Explorations and adventures in New Guinea’ (Proc. Geogr. Soc. Australasia Queensl. Br. 1885-86; London 1888).

(2) cf. Ausland 59, 1886, p. 359.