Collecting localities




Mackay, Colonel J.A. Kenneth


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 1: Cyclopaedia of collectors)



Chairman of the Royal Commission to inquire into and report upon the conditions including the methods of Government, of the territory then known as British New Guinea and the best means for their improvement.


Collecting localities:

Brit. New Guinea, Papua. 1906. Departing from Sydney (Sept. 1) to Port Moresby; sailing round the whole coast-line, visiting all the important groups of islands of the territory, including a march from Buna Bay across the island and over the Owen Stanley Range to Port Moresby: Kerepunu, Samarai, islands E of New Guinea, Cape Nelson, Tamata, Buna Bay; by land via Kumusi River, the Mambare, Kokoda, Yodda fields, across the main Range, Kagi, Sogeri, Ro(u)na Falls, Port Moresby; back at Brisbane (Dec. 6).1



In his book2 he mentions that orchids were brought from Owen Stanley Range; probably living material. They might have been collected by Mackay himself or by Belford (see there).



(1) Col. J.A. Kenneth Mackay: ‘Across Papua, being an account of a voyage round and a march across the territory of Papua, with the Royal Commission’ (London 1909).

(2) cf. l.c. p. 130.